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Bitcoin's Unsolved Dilemma! April 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. ⚠️ ! Please be aware of scammers impersonating Krown ! ⚠️
    The real Krown has no signals channel and will never ask you for money, or to trade your account.
    Comments with links, phone numbers or e-mail addresses are not to be trusted.
    👑 ! Please stay SAFU ! 👑

  2. Thank you for being here twice a day giving us biased cristal clear information! can I start calling you Bitcoin Jeezus?

  3. This makes me wanna trade the whole day.

  4. Hey Krown, thank you for all the work you put on to give us this precious information, much love from Spain bro, cheers!

  5. Opinion on Willy Woo's BTC price model chart ranges seem to be narrowing?

  6. Thanks once again my friend

  7. Please tell me you shorted the euro ?

  8. Great video Krown! Can't wait to see that encounter on hyperwave channel later

  9. August 2019 Łitecoin and 2020 Bitcoin Block reward halvings on the horizon……

    Encouraging that market looking solid and no major pull back yet – Now that the ‘hash wars’ are over hopefully we're heading back further towards $100 billion BTC market cap

  10. Sometimes I wonder if the water chug is the best part..😀

  11. Krown, just like Aug 8th ish 2015 when price action had crossed above 200Dema and 50Dema creeped right up to the 200 before price dumped… what are your thoughts about another 'golden cross fakeout' happening?

  12. Your the fucking best Krowns I want a t-shirt brother

  13. dat face @11:15 lmao bless you btw!

  14. Mr Krown. Got a nice little scalp on you 2 second S coin Nano analysis. Thanks . You getting big. I I'm actually starting to hear people on other streams mention you. Almost famous. Keep rocking 💪

  15. Krown I am studying for my series 7 . Any tips or materials that will help me understand some of the more in depth topics like options and margin ??? Thanks homie !

  16. So much info Super TA Krown

  17. Preciate your daily thoughts. Thank you Krown💯♣️

  18. Awesome man, will check you out on the hypewave channel 🙂

  19. When you look at that high volume day on CME on lower time frames there is lots of buying back up from the flush down

  20. Hey man you know already but I just wanted to tell you that after a while I starting to really understand the jewel and its fk amazing…it calls fake out as well so as you said once in your video I'd suggest stop selling it 🙂

  21. BTC will jump bullish and move to consolidation mode shortly after. Chin Chin

  22. All shorters must RESPECT THE POWER OF BITCOIN…👍👍👍💪💪💪❤❤❤👊

  23. What's the bottle that you use to drink some times on your videos ?
    Thank you!


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