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Bob Loukas’ Video:

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  2. Telcoin on my mine🏌️‍♂️


  4. For me NEBLIO is still one of the best and most promising projects out there.

  5. talk about AICHAIN, check it out !

  6. Likes are smashed. Thanks for another great video George 👍🏻

  7. 1.75x

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  9. Boo @ 26:56. No way there's spam. Main Telegram group is a tight ship. No way there aren't any updates either. Bad info all round. Telcoin's got so much promise.

  10. As someone who works in the film industry I really like Verasity (VRA) as a platform for content creators and distributors. During ICO the company announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services and they also got an excellent review rating for their ICO. Great team, good timeline, fantastic idea… but once they hit the exchanges their market cap got decimated due to crypto winter. Long term I want to support them not just because I think it's a long term good investment but also as a concept to disrupt companies like YouTube and Netflix.

  11. Great video.

  12. Regarding Neblio…I work for a Start-up.. And we have contract developers as it works out best as far as over head costs… And 2 my linkiin still says i work for my previous company…. Do not rely on linkdin for your reasearch, as all it is, is a semi-professional social media outlet

  13. Thanks for the vid, what’s your thoughts on SafeHaven which is dealing with Digital inheritance?


  15. if btc dropped to 3k I would be buying, if btc dropped to 2k I would be buying, if btc dropped to 1k I would be buying. When btc dropped from 6k to 3k I was buying, lol.

  16. Where did you get your intro song from thanks

  17. Thnx for sharing this video. And pointing important notes regarding qualifications 🙂 Would love to see your videos on Uptrennd platform too!

  18. and last but not least – NULS DEEP !

  19. you should probably look in a mirror before you start judging someone on their appearance (21:26 mark)

  20. Fusion is a beast


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