What is Libra? Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency/Digital Money – Today’s Biggest News

Dogecoin, Coinye, Livcoin… they’re all cryptocurrencies you’ve probably never heard of and like most crypto money they only exist online (well… except for Livcoin… that only exists in my head).

You may have heard of this one though: Bitcoin.

It was invented in 2008 by a programmer who wanted a system of money not controlled by governments or banks.

But now it could have some stiff competition from Libra – Facebook’s planned Crypto.

Facebook says Libra is all about making it easy for people to buy stuff online, in particular the 1.7 billion adults around the world who don’t have bank accounts.

While there are plenty of people that are excited by the announcement some are worried about things like privacy & security as Facebook has had it’s share of data breaches in the past.

Also, some are concerned about how many websites will actually accept Libra as payment.

Facebook says they’ve already got agreements with a number of big companies and are planning on launching in 2020.


The Matildas are through to the knockout round of the World Cup thanks to a pretty incredible performance from Sam Kerr.

The Aussie Captain helped Australia to a 4-1 win against Jamaica (and by helped we mean she scored all 4 of the goals).

She’s now the first Aussie to score a hat-trick at a World Cup and also the first to score 4 I guess.

The Matildas will now play Norway on Sunday morning for a place in the quarter finals.


Marvel’s Superheroes won big at the MTV Movie Awards taking home 4 of the famous golden popcorn statues.

Captain Marvel scooped best fight with Brie Larson bringing her stunt doubles on stage but it was Avengers Endgame that really cleaned up winning best villain for Josh Brolin’s Thanos, Best Hero for Robert Downey Jrs Iron Man and of course the big one: best movie.

It was also a big night for The Rock who took home the generation award.


You often hear about endangered animals but what about endangered plants?

One school in Perth is trying to save a threatened species by growing and harvesting its seeds.

These kids are Australia’s newest seed superheroes saving plants from the brink of extinction.

Sounds kinda dramatic but it’s actually true!

They’re helping out the WA Seed Centre which collects and stores thousands of seeds from different plant species.

The students plant flowers in their school garden, help to care for them and eventually harvest the seeds so they can be stored in the seed bank – making sure the plants aren’t lost if the species goes extinct.

Right now they’re working with ‘showy everlasting’ seedlings, an endangered wildflower that’s only found in 4 places in the world!

Saving the world… one seed at a time.


What do you do when you need more police officers patrolling the streets?

You build a RoboCop, of course!

OK, this cop of the future isn’t quite as high tech as Hollywood made us imagine but it’s a real thing in Southern California!

HP RoboCop rolls around parks and streets sending video footage back to Police HQ, so real humans can quickly respond if there’s trouble.

While the robot can’t read you your rights, it can apparently say polite phrases like ‘excuse me’ and ‘good day to you’.


This gives a whole new meaning to water colours – Cuban artist Sandor Gonzalez gets kitted out in full dive gear and goes for a dip whenever he feels inspired!

He has to use a special waterproof canvas and paint is obviously out of the question!

The artist’s exhibitions usually happen above sea level but he’s hoping to start the world’s first Submarine Art Gallery soon.


When you lose your racket you’ve got no choice but to get creative!

Fans were treated to a surprise soccer game at this tennis match between French stars Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Benoit Paire.

Tsonga even got a headbutt in there and look at this.

Wow, maybe they should think about switching sports? So good.


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