Big News: Ripple XRP Gains Massive Adoption?? | Crypto Sect

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Hi friends and welcome back. Watch my video today and learn how Ripples XRP is gaining massive adoption across the globe.



  1. Isn’t mass adoption supposed to be 5-7 years out? Calling for 100 by the eoy is probably going to end just like 589 did. There are way too many things that need to happen for xrp to reach the levels it needs to reach. I get the feeling the market will be sideways practically all year and many people who thought they were about to get rich will be extremely disappointed. I recently watched a ton of videos from over a year ago that made claims about xrp’s price (that never came true) and the comment section was always FILLED with hundreds of comments stating that the price would be “insert high price here” by eoy 2018. I personally an creating a position in xrp just Incase it reaches mass adoption in the next 5-7 years, the groundwork that will be required for high prices is still being laid and I do not think they are anywhere near ready yet. They are still signing up banks for xcurrent and after banks are satisfied with xcurrent for who knows how long and once they sign enough of them up then they have to convince them to switch over, this doesn’t even take into account ilp, ripplenet, assets getting digitized, legislation passing, other countries getting on board, etc etc etc. I’m thinking 5-7 years not eoy 2019.

  2. Spend by far as i know is the best way towards "use case" on the retail side. Xrapid's use case and this together should push XRP far higher then $100 IMO. Awesome news. Also news of the JPMcoin brings crypto haters to the table finally in mass. If the bank says crypto is safe and good then i guess it must be. LMAO.
    Tx man.


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