XRP News; Visa Rival or Partner?

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  1. visa will never replace xrp.xrp is way more advanced quicker safer cost less.visa if anything will use ripple abd xrp visa takes up to two days xrp takes seconds.tell me how visa even compares?

  2. Liquidity is very important but clear Regulations are need it PRONTO. It doesn’t matter good news after good news. It is important the good news But without Clear Regulations. IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!

  3. 1k Subs 🎉 XRP Giveaway! hahaha Congrats!

  4. Why say Visa is a rival. You people are so stupid you say anything just to get your clicks… You are talking out of your A-hole no clue about XRP!!!!! Sell all of your XRP and get out of town before the real Bull-run begins….

  5. am actually glad visa and trolls have taking a shot a ripple, now the gloves can come off and ripple through sbi and other partners using xrapid and part of ripplenet can start directly attacking visa through ads showing its superior tech and going after their costumers who i bet the majority would love to receive or send money cheaper and faster to family, friends or small businesses owned by either. afterall xrp/ilp/xoom or whatever the name will allow self banking soon. regulations aren't gonna save all u xrp haters or visa from having to share the pie.

  6. Nice how did you come up with your tag lines?:-)

  7. Damn bro, 1000 subs already.
    Congrats, only took a couple weeks.
    You got a great channel. Keep up the good content and watch it flourish.

  8. All the walled gardens will be important to help xrp adoption

  9. i'll make it 1K

  10. 999 ….


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