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Today in Bitcoin (Jan 6, 2019) Bitcoin Breaks $4,000 – Useless Blockchains? – Proof of Keys Recap

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Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Bitcoiners | Bitcoin Magazine

4051.42 Bitstamp BTC/USD – BitcoinWisdom

Tallycoin fundraiser for Mad Bitcoins

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “INBOX ZERO. btw. Just sits down to do some work and then this happens. Hello #Bitcoin $4,000 again.… ”

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “Catching up on the second half of @joerogan with my hero @lessig. Still inspiring, but daunting to see how much must be fixed. Joe Rogan Experience #1214 – Lawrence Lessig via @YouTube”

Hugo Nguyen on Twitter: “1/ Bitcoin represents a lot of firsts. We all know it as the first censorship-resistant money. But Bitcoin is a lot more than that.”

Dr. Sarah Bond on Twitter: “After lengthy discussion yesterday, a reminder that ancient peoples wore socks with their thong sandals, which must of course mean it is okay but not new to do so today. Here is a late antique child’s sock from late Roman Egypt now at the KMKG in Brussles.

Major Consulting Firm McKinsey Finds Little Evidence of Practical Blockchain Use Cases

Peter Todd on Twitter: “This Bryce’s segwit nonsense is such nonsense it’s not even wrong. It’s just incoherent babble – no different than a Star Trek script. There’s nothing of substance to even debunk.…

Brian Cohen on Twitter: “πŸ“ΊπŸš¨ #Bitcoin mentions on TV in 2018 at ATH. Up 64% YOY 2018 – 6,698 2017 4,084 2016 – 633 2015 – 600 2014 – 2,068 2103 – 1,586 2012 – 78 2011 – 47 2010 – 8 note: may include re-airings (dunno) – even so…its a mention

Trace Mayer [Jan/3βžžβ‚ΏπŸ”‘βˆŽ] on Twitter: “Added a Failures section to So far, reported failures at: @hitBTC, @PurseIO, @bitfinex, @Poloniex & @coinbase. Anyone else encountered any unusual issues or problems with #ProofOfKeys withdrawals? Please post screenshot proof. Thanks! πŸ‘ πŸ§β€¦

Brian Armstrong on Twitter: “1/ Today is a big day for Bitcoin, as it marks 10 years since the Genesis Block. Some people think I don’t like to talk about Bitcoin (πŸ˜€), but today I have a few words to say”

coinbase bans gab – Google Search

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “I had a beautiful time at the Bridge School Benefit. RIP Pegi Young.



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