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Bitcoin dominance is continuing​ to grow, what does that mean for altcoins? This is something Billy will talk about as well as the latest from Bakkt and the upcoming launch, Fidelity’s crypto arm applying to operate in NY as a trust, Ethereum’s wrapped Bitcoin set to eclipse lightning network capacity and finally some news from John McAfee.
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#Bitcoin Dominance Growing — What It Could Mean for Altcoins

Bitcoin Approaches Second Inning as #Bakkt Exchange Launch Nears

Fidelity’s crypto arm has officially applied to operate in New York as a trust

#Ethereum’s Wrapped Bitcoin Set to Eclipse #LightningNetwork Capacity

72% of institutional finance executives believe cryptocurrencies will have a place in the industry’s future.” –

John McAfee says he is running from the CIA –


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  10. Thank you for your video! ASG on p2pb2b is growing as expected🚀 lucky ones who had a chance to buy beforehand

  11. I've heard ASG token is supported by the Russian 🇷🇺🇷🇺 government which basically does not openly support crypto, I think we better keep an eye on it

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  16. Bakkt will be the gateway drug for new investors into the world of crypto. BTC is a fine start, but once they hear how wide-ranging and all-emcompassing crypto really can be due to altcoins, it'll be akin to finding the lost city of El Dorado. There's STO platforms (Dusk Network), there's small-loan platforms (FintruX et al), some for the supply chain (Tael), anything the wallet desires…

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  26. Fidelity has been mining Bitcoin in its Texas office since 2015. Lol


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