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FREE 6500 BXBC Tokens. Bitsdaq is the official partner of Bittrex Crypto Exchanger. #Airdrop

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Reward: 6500 BXBC
New Airdrop: Bitsdaq
Rate: (4/5)

Airdrop Link :

Requirements: Mail
1. Visit the Bitsdaq Exchange.
2. Signup at Bitsdaq Exchange and verify your email. (+1500 BXBC)
3. Pass your KYC. (+5000 BXBC)
4. You will credit with 200 BXBC just for login into the Exchange
5. Earn additional 800 BXBC for each referral.

Additional Information
Bitsdaq is the official partner of Bittrex that aims to become the global digital currency trading platform in Asia.

Bitsdaq is a new exchange based in Hong Kong and the official partner of Bittrex in Macau, Singapore, and Canada. They aim to become the global digital currency trading platform in Asia.



Get 335 Palai Tokens
Get 100 VC tokens.
Get 850 SOUL ($1)
Get 600 HIPHOP Tokens
Get 1000 CADAC
get 30 ALDX
receive 140 XCNZ tokens
get 13 SOLVE tokens

(Peer 2 Peer Global Network) receive 50 p2p tokens.
Get 200 Bsai Coin
(thevault) Earned 800 VSS Tokens
(VTrust) Get 875 VTR ($26.25)
(Rockets Exchange) 1000 ROK
(Carnalife) Get 500 carnalife tokens.
Get 50 YTC Tokens

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    Trang này đang cho miễn phí 5200 bit. a e nhanh tay,

    Chỉ cho đến hết tháng 3, Đăng ký xong nhận ngay 5200 bit.

    Mỗi ngày đăng nhập có thêm 200 bit. Ðã test.

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  4. Hope be a big exchanger in crypto market..

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