Cryptocurrency defined

So what is cryptocurrency? How does bitcoin differ from cash in the bank?
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  2. It a scam…

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  8. Too late

  9. Not as anonymous as people think.

  10. very well done CBC. Kudos.

  11. It is not a currency at all

  12. Make a review of crypto calendar, please

  13. can you say it faster!

  14. My god this persons voice makes me cringe. Sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  15. Oh god, the normies are back.

  16. about 6 years too late on the video

  17. Cryptocurrencies are a scam. Keep your hard earned money. This is all you need to know.

  18. wow – 01:05 am hours Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, 2 April 2019

  19. Thanks Obama

  20. Probably one of the only videos I've watched on less than 1x speed, nicely informative, but so densely compressed in these 2,5mins that I got to rewatch it to understand what they're saying

  21. Looks like we are going from the disbelief stage to the media attention….

  22. This is pre-programming for the cashless society…by the excuse for 'safety' and easy-to-use the government can know all the money wherever it goes….look at India and China…

  23. Crypto Nayaaay,

  24. As a result of the insane 2008 collapse caused by greedy and selfish bankers, a technology was created that would prevent anything like that from ever happening again, prevent hyperinflation that has destroyed poorer countries, and prevent the unchecked creation of money in rich countries. It's a technology that can bank the unbanked and curb corruption. And we'll never know the identity of the creator. What a legendary story.

  25. Deflationary problem. My house will be worth less bitcoin every year because of the limited supply of bitcoin.

  26. Iota is the future.

  27. The only thing is you cant track it , insane dirty money ; passes through crypto atm

  28. Man this does a great job of missing some of the key problems with crypto and makes it almost sound like real money not the speculative currency that it is.

  29. Still confused lol

  30. Speculative pseudo commodity with no real intrinsic value other than speculation.

  31. this is bubble

  32. If you are Canadian and work for a living you will never have enough real currency to buy crypto currency.

  33. They say, they don't know who they're, so it could still be the government, trying to find out, what you're really up too.

  34. Bible warns you

    About this specific evil

    That will enslave all humanity

  35. The biggest flaw of bitcoin right now are the exchanges.

  36. Great way to launder money

  37. #early


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