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  1. 00:17 Introduction
    02:13 Federal Reserve Keeps Interest Rates The Same
    03:44 Market Overview
    05:33 AAPL Stock VS Bitcoin
    06:37 Greyscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) New Campaign For Bitcoin vs. Gold
    09:22 Misir Mahmudov on Gold / BTC
    15:02 Cryptocurrency Reddit Begins Whitelist
    20:21 The Ultimate Guide to EOS REX Participation
    24:54 NEO 3.0 Will Be A New Blockchain
    26:48 Happy 6th Birthday To CoinMarketCap As They Launch DATA
    33:19 The World's First Crypto Cross Word Puzzle
    34:39 Quote of the Day!
    36:21 Conclusion

  2. I've heard purple mattresses are good.

  3. Sick shirt.

  4. Dear i also invested they ask me tax money to get my profit is it true??

  5. The gold/silver is at historical heights right now 86-87. Additionally, silver is as cheap as it hasn't been in 26 years. Also, gold is easy to carry around, with one ounce/31g you carry around $1300. I wouldn't dismiss precious metals.

  6. Don't shoot the messenger. CSW IS SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. BSV IS THE ONLY BITCOIN ON EARTH… i'll wait for the rest of you to catch up. I research all day everyday, and all the evidence points to one man being the real inventor/architect of bitcoin, It's the "SANS" PURPLE CERTIFIED SECURITY EXPERT KNOWN AS CRAIG STEVEN WRIGHT.

  7. So I have tried the REX lending but one thing you didn't mention is that I think this means your EOS will not be available for airdrops if you lend it?

  8. Please do an interview with a rep from NEO!

  9. finally one major cryptotuber who is not ignoring eos – thanks, much appreciated. EOS Rex is awesome – lifetime passive income FTW

  10. So reddit is just like wikipedia. Censorship everywhere!

  11. Didn't Zhang got involved with Binance in St ead of developing for NEO?

  12. :O You don't have a 'donate EOS'?

  13. there is decentralized reddit !

  14. Zhang interview please

  15. Don't be so quick to write off Steem. The build is happening. Found your YouTube there!

  16. people are moving out of usdt to bitcoin. This explains bitcoins strength the last couple of days.

  17. Anything has "India" in it, it is Often a scam. Bitconnect is just one of the many.

  18. When you said Satoshi style I thought for a second you meant putting reddit on chain. Oh the irony lol*.
    How much does it cost to delete asterisk?

  19. that's bs by Reddit.. I can't believe they did that.. Aaron Swartz would have never ok' d this censorship ..

  20. Omar! Is that a shirt from the show rugrats? Hahahaahah | Love it!!!

  21. Also dont you think the electro smog is bad when you sleep? Having your phone next to you by sleeping.

  22. I love and support you but EOS is consensus based… EOS has taken money away from people. EOS is not a real decentralized blockchain… Do a little more research and you will see.

  23. what a nonsense commercial about gold. Generally when big institutions are telling us one thing, we should be doing the opposite. One common enemy both gold and crypto has is FIAT. Saying that gold doesnt have utility is completely false. Not saying bitcoin or other cryptos arent good, they are and are easier to use than gold but gold is still a million times better than FIAT. Get both, theres no reason you cant do both!

  24. these young moderators are killing reddit. been noticing that throughout the years on tech forums. these 19-26 year olds acting like nazi mods. They all love "groupthink".

  25. If you’re too open minded your brains will fall out and if life gives you lemons squirt someone in the eye

  26. Dread = Reddit

  27. Yeah man do an interview with Erik Zhang. I would love to watch and hear what else is going on with NEO

  28. When we start mining asteroids, rare metals wont be worth anything.

  29. What up crypto dog

  30. SQUADDDDD!!!!!!!!!

  31. It's a pleasure watching your video. I feel friendly haha
    Keep goiing man. Hi from Montreal. The city you should visit 😉

  32. For EOS stuff try most discussions from

  33. Bro Omar, please also mention some names who tune in everyday after the slaving away. Love you shizzle . Keep up

  34. EOS Rex is pretty damn awesome. I will keep earning a lifelong passive income

  35. Amen brother, regarding your r/cryptocurrency and r/bitcoin comments. This is a problem that creates an opportunity in the marketplace

  36. Invest your Spare Change in Bitcoin and other digital assets…

  37. You should check out WAX. It's a EOS fork focused on ecommerce and gaming. It's announcing staking rewards tomorrow.

  38. hey man, you'd save yourself some time if you put up a "not financial advice" disclaimer at the beginning of each video. i'm sure you get tired of saying it.

  39. Yes, please do the Erik Zhang interview


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