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  1. Always a pleasure pleasure listening listening to your videos. Thank you

  2. 👏regulators👏don't👏matter👏they👏can't👏stop👏us!

  3. Should we not as a community hold a vote to kick the SEC off the network? They are not running a node for the benefit of Bitcoin, rather to benefit themselves. Is this not against the views of the community?

  4. New York is a piece of shit and I live in the 5 boroughs. It's like Gotham City here, top 10 destinations in the world and the roads are shit, the traffic is shit, taxes are shit, subways ate shit and everything is expensive. Us New Yorkers are being taken for a ride..

  5. Great work as always!

  6. Monitor for money laundering

  7. ripple created xrp, do some homework

  8. my top 5 alts are U Network, Cardano, Apollo, Evimeria and BABB

  9. I trust the sec as far as i can throw their building

  10. No face ada 🚀

  11. Thank you very much for your videos they are amazing…. Could you please make a video about the richest families in the world, and who is holding btc. Also a list of all the major players in crypto, and why should we care. Thank you very much

  12. You and I buddy, or so my decentralized site said. Washington state here. Although, I did see there’s some bitcoin ATM’s around, so I’ll check those out when I’m ready to buy next🤔

  13. Bsv will take over!

  14. You are SPOT ON with your commentary about the US legislature's failure to address cryptocurrency regulations. Focusing on FB Libra specifically is a distraction, although it could begin some education experience for those lawmakers. But Congressional failures are the norm, right.

  15. "It remains to be seen whether Facebook is a bad actor [or not] in terms of cryptocurrency"…. well if the recent CapitalOne data breach had been — instead of a hack — actually the result of that institution SELLING the data to the third parties, would that make them a "bad actor"?? So ready for a facebook alternative!

  16. You know, if you run a full node you can do a lot of network analysis on transactions to find all the price manipulation when it happens.

  17. REI is an outdoors store. Camping, hiking, climbing, paddling, biking, etc.

  18. "Don't trust. Verify." Blockchains are meant to be openly verified by anyone.

  19. tmi, you have to sift through some of these comments. promos becoming more common. also thanks for the info.

  20. I live in Canada and do work for an American company and get paid in Bitcoin.

  21. Hey.. Good to hear you!!. I thik that emerging society are more open to new (wild development technologies).. Regression society's comes whit rejections!!.. Sorry for my English..

  22. Yup New York sucks. Cheers from Iraq!

  23. Congrats on 150k subs TMI!! :)👏👏👏

  24. Litcoin????

  25. The pain is real in ny I tell ya 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕 . the fomo is too when every one else getting new coins or exchanges gets on boarded we get p.o. And hungry 😋 for DA

  26. SEC Running TAX and control nodes.

  27. Best crypto channel. You are the reason I keep buying BTC a little bit every month.

  28. REI is a great store for all things related to camping and the great outdoors.


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