Ever wondered what altcoin has the strongest neighborhood progress? ENERGI has INSANCE ROI ideal now!

Ever wondered what altcoin has the strongest neighborhood progress? ENERGI coin has been growing like insane! Make positive to look at the whole online video as I am giving absent $one,000 NRG coins.

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  1. Ever wondered what altcoin has the strongest community growth? ENERGI coin has been growing like crazy! Make sure to watch the whole video as I am giving away $1,000 NRG coins.

    Energi Homepage:

    Energi Twitter:

    Subscribe to my new channel here:

    Get the worlds first ELITE cryptocurrency debit card:

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  2. Love the no nonsense review of $NRG. I've been a part of the crypto scene for many years. Nothing has caught my attention quite like Energi…or as I like to call them "The Real Deal."


  3. EVSGkGaW1YrAbeC3bf7VPeGPqwss2gf1zq
    I really believe in energi as the next big thing in the crypto space. With the ability to incorporate dapps made using eth plus their incubator program to help devs make their apps even better we will see some growth with one for sure. I could go on forever about the governance model, voting etc. but just watch this one. Btw please randomly pick me 🙂

  4. What a growth for this project !

    Only a year old, continuously pushing price up …

    The first time I spotted it as a #masternode it was at 10k$ which is already too expensive for me.

    I love the idea of community based DAO and also the green alternative to POW which the name and color reflects beautifully.

    Can't wait to see dapps and a DEX coming in the environment 😉


  5. Awesome project, strong treasury/funding, good marketing and business development, smart contracts soon! EQLhDKc7eP86YaGtSRAqHRq6AwVLboCNnP

  6. 19,501,113 circulating supply and YET to be listed on the mainstream exchanges with huge audiences.

    Those who wish they'd bought NEO at 50 cents in 2017, have a chance to squash those regrets with Energi.

    If/when it's added to exchanges like binance imagine how fast that price will pump due to the small number of coins availible.

    I love this project in the same way that I love NEO, the risks are smaller due to the laws of Supply and Demand.

    No speculation or hopium needed!!!

  7. EYrjuuGiFacT8zJfePGQPJtFvW7Dt1MKdG Love energi defence, prime example there was attack on discord server 418 bots tried to be added stopped in minutes. Shows how they care and look after the community

  8. Hey Mr-Kristof nice video and thanks for shining a light on this wonderful coin. I love the NRG-community, join their discord and you see what I mean. The rewards are insane but far more important for me is the team, they are super open and communicate honestly with everyone. I am sure Energi will stand the test of time.


  9. Nice overview mr_kristof! I only found out about $NRG sometime in May of this year at ~$2.50. Did I buy any? Nope. I waited until it was around $5…

    but Energi is the only crypto that actually convinced me to buy by first Bitcoin in order to buy some! I took a looooong break from mining, being active in crypto discord channels and even trying to create my own coin… and then I found Energi. I finally joined their discord in June. It's been so much fun. The Core, MODS, the greens and the bananas, the Smurfs and the community have made Energi more than just some POS/MN coin. Not to get sappy or anything but we're like a family. The more we get to know each other the higher the price goes… ;P
    I'm still most excited about Energi X – $NRG pairs, 0 fees trading and the Algorithmic Crypto Trading! <== Can't wait to try this!

    Thanks for the $NRG Giveway Energi and Mr_Kristof

  10. Great job mr. Kristoff! I have heard about nrg before but was not aware about ts staking. thanks for making me more aware of this. I'm a big supporter of crypto and look forward to seeing your next videos and new channel. EMgahmvTbKm21SwhgwYoANdK3ZfHHFNoTF

  11. EW5jQjHgsseK2fxQfd7EcBM19PGph5NW2Y

    Energi to The moooon, no more rekkt

  12. EUf9CEML3wjSiQPj6rDnS5agcV14VTDTAt
    I like
    1) Treasury Fund
    2) Earndrop to make community strong
    I am following NRG from last year , it's nice project .0.3$ to 7$ in bear market shows that it's high potential project. Guys what are you expecting during Bull run from NRG 🤔.
    One Word For NRG : SUPERB PROJECT ❤️

    Thanks Kristof for making very nice video on NRG

  13. I have been following NRG for quite a while now and have been waiting for a good opportunity for god knows how long. Awesome to see a great YouTuber like you covering a coin like ENERGI! The bull run NRG has gone through this year is incredible and I would love to be a part of it! I also heard that NRG did an earndrop, unfortunately I have not been able to participate in that but I would love to have a chance at winning the 1000$ here! It would be an awesome headstart on the masternode I really want!
    Hope I win🤞🏼


  14. I love Energi, great team and roadmap EW5jQjHgsseK2fxQfd7EcBM19PGph5NW2Y

  15. The growth is impressive, but please don't forget that the more people stake, the less rewards we will get. I think we may see it stabilizing at 20/30% range in the coming year. Who knows.


  16. Seems like a decent project confused about the eth erc20 3.0 stuff tho


  17. Energi top ten soon i love the strength of the NRG community is strong

  18. Just installed my wallet , here is my address EcQQ7jzK72U7Jb7ZrwaMJjbtAwfVQ7kXgc, I already posted my comment below. Love you content Mr. Kristoff, always unique and relevant.

  19. Looking into staking Energi now. Ec2N4txVsaj1zUCCgEjBTz9nDJomR4YhoE

  20. Ya man mined me a little bit back when it was pow. I really like the project then and now. Just wish they are still pow! They are movers and shakers. Another coin you might want to look at CCX (conseal network). They are a low market cap but their devs and community are great just like energi. CCX is a cryptonote coin like xmr. Thanks for what u do bro!


  21. I wish a great success to the Energi team! The community and economics implemented made it grow so fast already


  22. Energi combines powerful ideas in cryptocurrency. Energi's decentralized governance and treasury system are the game changers that will create a healthy treasury economic power.

    But those ideas cannot evolve without a solid and prepared community.

    Beyond a very generous Earndrop, they give education (very much needed in crypto space through their videos on youtube), tremendous support by admins both on telegram/discord and protection to their userbase from hackers, scammers and bad actors with Energi Defense and it's investigative arm, the Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI).

    With this visionary and focused team supported by a strong community… Energi will definitely fly high!

  23. Huge Earndrop Rewards, Huge community growth, Huge team growth, Huge token growth, Huge staking rewards, Huge plans, Huge potential. What more could you ask for?
    Wallet address: EfoN doEG GMRh qSMec NGsG dfeR MVMr 4kpCT

  24. What I like: no premine or ico // energi defense // easy staking // great community
    What i don't like: actually nothing // maybe the high amount of coins for masternodes

    Wait joyfully and energetically for earndrop & energi3.0


  25. I feel like the POS method and treasury system really set this apart from other projects.
    ADDRESS: EU8u4MuTh82rVJQyAD43iNPq83pdDD9VFD

  26. This is a underrated Altcoin project that not everyone talks about!


  27. Energi sounds like a good investment. Being as broke as I am, though, winning NRG coins here is my only hope of owning some. Wish me luck!


  28. NRG is really amazing & as u said it’s community driven & doing really great.

    I definitely consider this in portfolio


  29. Energi is an amazing project. Taking everything that crypto enthusiasts look for and putting into one. With their treasury system and staking/masternodes this project will soon be a top 10 crypto. Can't wait for 3.0 to be introduced as well and their exchange.


  30. Mr_Kristof – thank you for your insight into NRG – I am one of the thousands of community supports of energi – and to me, the community spirit, the Treasury and of course TWP are my NRG favorites. You were right on point – so many influencers are taking notice and agreeing that NRG is the one to watch. I know there are only great things in their future and glad to be part of it and hope others join in as well. I will gladly take you up on the offer for a chance to win some NRG Thank you ELcC76HTpjUiKKfjGucZsssQwVWq32jwLt

  31. Address: ERvGWNcb19UxwTP3cnUMAzSmVE2q1A8zGE

    I like how high the staking rewards are

  32. Thank you for your overview. Yes, the community is growing and strong.  Top 25 for sure in the future.
    I really love the idea of staking and masternodes…this I believe will be the way of the future, even though I mine other cryptos. 
    I missed my chance to dive in earlier this year. Now just along for the ride.



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