XRP Information: Mnuchin Low Key Enjoys XRP! Pt1

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Livestreams Aspect New music Content material from Vexento!

1. Vexento – Return Of The Heroes
2. Vexento – Cruisin’
three. RUSS – Vexento – Pixel Party
4. Vexento – Droplets
five. Vexento – Inspire
6. Vexento – Let’s Run Away
seven. Vexento – Tears of Like
eight. Vexento – Procedure Funk
9. Vexento – Nostalgia
10. Vexento – Time Goes By
11. Vexento – Yuki
twelve. Vexento – Sentimento
13. Vexento – Pollen
14. Vexento – Magenta
15. Vexento – Affectus
sixteen. Vexento – Snowflakes
17. Vexento – Another Lifetime (Kiingtong unique)
eighteen. Vexento – Travelin’
19. Vexento – Return Of The Raver
twenty. Vexento – Glad To See You
21. Vexento – Rebuild (Ft. Mona Moua Vocal)
21. Vexento – Yet So Shut
23. Vexento – Tevo
24. Vexento – Spirit
26. Chillstep – Vexento – Praeclara
27. Chillstep – Tenmon – Distant Daily Reminiscences (Vexento Remix)
28. Chillstep – Vexento – Reflection
29. Chillstep – Vexento – Lights
thirty. RUSS – Vexento – Corallium
31. RUSS – Complextro – Vexento – Occupy
32. Lucas King – The Previous Leaf Falls (Vexento Remix)
33. Vexento – Amor
34. Vexento – We Are Just one
35. Vexento – Masked Heroes
36. Vexento – Activity In excess of
37. Chillstep – Vexento – Capurganรก



  1. Subed

  2. Price rise when they can get the taxes out of us. Double kill

  3. Thank you. Nice video pal. Ur ramblings r funny keep em coming.

  4. yo,man! Are you know, when moon???

  5. Yeah pretty bad accent but interesting content, thanks ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Aml kyc mouse ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. icon (icx) is working with Korean government

  8. Nash aka NEX is fully complaint and is actually a registered security token.

  9. Keep the action coming my man, almost 4k ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Stellar XLM is compliant. Doing some of the same things as ripple

  11. #XRP4L

  12. Polymath is made by David Schwartz so I think it is safe to say that is another crypto that works with government!

  13. Working with the govt is reason 1 why XRP is hated by the purists, but they are deluding themselves thinking the govt will allow an anarchist coin to survive as a mainstream assest

  14. Hey, thanks Mr. Martian for defining the acronyms for me/us. I oft have to look them up while watching which draws my attention away from what u are saying. I will try to " lock them away" lol
    Thanks also for being on top of the news as it comes out. I saw the headlines about this first thing this morning and was hoping you would cover it. Looking forward to part 2

  15. Super logical jade. Hard-hitting and Basic, just the way I like it. Bitcoin libra bad . The judges are still compiling their scores for your accents

  16. LOWKEY

  17. Have a look at the SBI VC twitter page – interesting???

  18. Block stack received SEC approval.

  19. Hi, oh green one!
    Earlier today someone wrote down the breakdown of each asset in trillions ie, gold 7.5, property 228, etc etc, but BTC worth 0.2 trill dollar.
    He went on to say ; The Leader of the most powerful Nation on Earth already feels threatened.
    I tend to agree, this space so small in comparison, such heavy hitters coming out and jumping all over it, what we used to call overkill, which in itself lets us know theres more to this space than they are letting on.
    Oh! Since when has cash been KYC compliant, or AML or the other one to do with terrorism? Like never,

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