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Live Bitcoin WARNING! Buying and selling Updates – January 2019 News, Rate & Trade Investigation

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Authorized Disclaimer – This video clip is meant for leisure and educational reasons and is NOT intended as financial guidance. Take pleasure in!

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  1. ⚠️ ! Please be aware of scammers impersonating Krown ! ⚠️
    The real Krown has no signals channel and will never ask you for money, or to trade your account.
    Comments with links, phone numbers or e-mail addresses are not to be trusted.
    👑 Please stay SAFU 👑

  2. Bro glad i ran accross u. So much valuable content from a market maker. Im so stoked best content in the trading space on utube.

  3. to the guy that wanted a good set of videos on trading – check out the bitcoin pub… some really good stuff over there in the B90x programme.. This is all free and a useful resource.
    Krown – nice to see you pushing win loose strategy… trade like a casino!!! Cheers for the video. Also, what I would say is looking at other people is good to develop your own strategy!.

  4. Smells like some Bull Spirit! I just made a trade to the upside.

  5. wick cunts

  6. hahaha

  7. Hey Krown! Excellent video fuck yeah! Haha I like your slack way of talking! Hey, thanks for your trader insights and I was so surprised after losing a bunch of money of your saying risk management is the most important part of trading… I was really thinking about that as that dawned on me a bit late in the game what risk management is really about ahaha… So thanks for the strength in comments . I am good at some other things but economy and trading are new to me… I am willing to learn and now much more confident and risk management nags at me all the time…. this is still a 'game' I am playing without too much headache because of money loss… I am just very happy to have come into the game at the start of bear market, I know many investors never got a bear market, so unprepared …. I know I will not lose much at next big cycle downturn… Cheers!
    PS: I only follow the very best on trading stuff, general blog and people opinion/news got me confused at some crtitical downturns before

  8. It's like Christmas in my asshole… This fucking guy 😂 😂 😂

  9. When I get decent at trading I'll love giving back (or what the fuck is the point right?) I live by a few simple rules ; Rule 1 Do the right thing, right! Rule 2 If it's not FUN don't do it 3 Make mistakes as fast as you can (Only way to learn) I won't bore you with the rest (You have probably seen it, shot it, and shit it with your experience!) love you man.


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