Ripple(XRP) xRapid Launch | Buy the rumour offer the news?

Ripple made its way out,major the crypto current market with the value increasing 20% greater, soon after news produced about the Ripple xRapid solution.

The xRapid is a business version of its payment system, a actual-time settlement system developed to speed up international payments. It utilizes XRP as a tool for currency conversion via patterned crypto exchanges. According to Ripple, it’s developed to substantially lessen the money necessities for liquidity.

Bullish?Buy the rumour offer the news?

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  1. Hi MIA! can you create about electrifyasia? Is this chain token?

  2. very good video

  3. I agree. It seems like fake pump then dump

  4. 20k XRP could be life changing in a few years

  5. Hi Mia, huge Ripple fan here and investor since 2014. I'll tell you what I saw in 2014 and since then I am just waiting for others to open their eyes too! I think it's time to give back to Cesar what belongs to Cesar. BTC is outdated. Ripple is far better at speed, scalability and functions (it even has a built-in decentralized exchange, did you know that?) with XRP there is no ridiculous energy wasting POW. It's a lot more decentralized than BTC and always being more and more decentralized each day. Many other coin just get more and more centralized each day like BTC by Bitmain. XRP is the only coin with a real use case. I know only a few coin that could be on par or better: XLM and NANO. But we don't need better cause XRP is doing everything we need that BTC was not able to do. Also the fact that Ripple Labs kept a large part of the coin is not a problem with me: they invented it they have the right to profit from it. And at least we know who possess a large part of it, in the case of many other coin a few hands are also possessing the biggest chunk but we don't even know who they are! I love the team (in particular David Shwartz who is a genius probably as high as Satoshi) and I just regret Jed Mccaleb left the team cause I liked him too but that's why my second larger investment is Stellar.

  6. welcome back Mia!

  7. Thanks for your work!


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