Digibyte | $DGB | Decentralized Digital Belongings

#DigiByte is an open-resource, evidence of operate, cryptocurrency that runs on the DigiByte blockchain.

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  1. 📌 $DGB Donation Address: dgb1qfwk7gky0sjzzhgkkt27e69j6affe08pc8mjjjh

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  2. Great review, plz check the lunes currency is the largest cryptocurrency in Latin America.

  3. Great video. You may find the 1st DigiByte global summit of HUGE interest. They have made some stunning progress and the utility of the DigiByte wallet with Block30Pay app, DigiAssets, Digi-I.D. all in one place. I think the publicity will take care of itself now.. 🤓

  4. dgb should be top 10 easy

  5. Get Some DIGIBYTE And Hold On TIGHT

  6. True decentralization, true innovation, take notice blockchain technology community, this was satoshi's vision, continued improvement for the betterment of humanity, no forking to siphon off value. It's not about gains, technology will start to increasingly exponentially morph sci-fi world into a very intrusive & Blessings to Jared Tate for spear heading this and to all the anonymous developers may universe bless you million times over, I was bullish on DIGIBYTE but now I feel like I hold the new bitcoin –Bitcoin is yahoo & DIGIBYTE is Google—
    OdoCrypt / dandilion -30 block labs , VERTBASE V-ID etc this is the example we need to see we need more synergy between projects put aside ego and let the silent revolution flourish….

  7. Stay away from sistemkoin, people have lost their coins after trying to withdraw them

  8. Thank you Alex

  9. If your not holding dgb your gonna be sorry. It's never going to be this cheap again. I really believe it's btc 2.0 . I used to believe xrp or LTC would take over but LTC is questionable with scaling and billions of xrp is being held in escrow and can be dumped any moment ripple sees fit. That's not decentralized Imo .

  10. Is Digibyte controled by banksters? Looks like XRP controled by banks. Who is funding that. We don't know right?

  11. I sure hope the price does an actual breakout soon. It’s discouraging that a shit coin like LTC yet it’s going parabolic right now.

  12. Ive been in crypto since BTC was just under $1. DGB is one of my BIGGEST bags. Ive been accumulating for years.

  13. The price of cryptocurrencies is rising

    1. Is it possible to convert them to stable coin? Which are the best and the most reliable?
    2. Is it possible to store stable coins on a computer without using ledgernanoS or trezor and obviously without leaving them on the exchange?
    3. I don't find stablecoin with bitcoincore based and downloadable blockchain. Does any exist?

  14. Hi gorgeous! 😍 I like that DGB created their own mobile wallet which will be critical for everyday use when the time comes. Most other coins seem to rely on someone else to make wallets.

  15. A beauty that knows what she’s talking about. Thanks for the video, new subscriber here. 👍

  16. Damn you're pretty… and Dgb

  17. Great video…well done.

  18. Excellent overview! Definitely will support your channel. Thank you,

  19. Reply
  20. Love this channel, Thanks for the info, will be checking out the project to get me some DGB, you have a bright future, clear, straight to the point, non bias, thank you again.

  21. Is there the most important Digibyte global conference on 18 April 2019?

  22. Like all crypto's, sounds good. Good luck.

  23. Thank you for your honest analysis. I’ll have to look more into DGB. I wish it was on Binance, but it appears there has been some bad blood between the two in the past. I guess I will need to sign-up at yet another exchange if I want to buy it. 🙄

  24. DGB is king of projects 😉

  25. Great vid as always and good project

  26. very nice

  27. No I think too 50 is accurate.

  28. Digibyte 🚀🌙🔜


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