Fb Stock Investment decision Thesis With Libra Coin

Fb Stock Investment decision Thesis With Libra Coin. FB is coming into block chain and cryptocurrencies.

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    0:39 LIBRA COIN
    5:56 BITCON vs. LIBRA
    8:09 STILL LONG
    9:05 RISK/REWARD

  2. More info on Libra – @Libra_info

  3. hi guys, im quite new to stock markets.. still young hence didn’t really know how it works.. that is why i am hoping to get a little bit of help here.. i wish to invest at least €1k in Facebook stock and my question is if i should invest more and where can i invest the money ( do i go to the bank or what)

  4. How can we invest on the currency,or is it through Facebook stock ?

  5. Different from other kinds of coins,…..If you know what Libra Coin really is and if you or we buy and help Libra coin be popular, it means Zukerdorg alone will be the owner of Central Bank in the world = One world. Much Worse than what Roothchild family did. Worse than one government in the world. Do NOT let one man (whoever that is) control the world. That is WRONG. Dangerous. Crazy.

  6. You totally miss the point. In both cases its just electronic confetti. How about talking about the coins backed by silver gold and now by palladium. These things are just pyramid schemes where the original creators get their money for nothing and the later comers are the suckers. You can be sure i am stopping using this crap FASCIST BOOK ! Greater fool theory. Backed by no intrinsic value. 2.5 billion people. Most are fake accounts.

  7. I love your videos Sven but stating that Libra is a cryptocurrency is misleading. The libra is a centrally controlled payment voucher, like a gift card. It is an interesting digital payment framework, but it is by no means a cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH etc. I'd argue that they are so fundamentally different that it is not even sensical to compare them. Also, it is unfair to claim that ETH/BTC etc. do not have anything backing them. Over time, the backing of currencies change. Fiat today is largely backed by the state's violence monopoly. I see no reason why a future backing cannot be based on a decentralized compute framework. Also, stability? Really? How stable is fiat over a long period? It is like the inverse of what BTC has been so far … Now, I am highly skeptical about cryptocurrencies in general, but not at all for the reason you mention.

  8. How we are invest with Libra to Facebook?

  9. Libra is not a coin like bitcoin. You can’t pay with it! Libra is more of like PayPal.

  10. the echoing effect of the room u r recording in is irritating

  11. Your analysis does not align with how Facebook is approaching Libra, Calibra, and Libra Association. Libra is a direct response to the monetary system. If inflation gets out of hand for the Fed and ECB, Libra's demand will absorb enough currency supply to establish a sovereign currency. Libra can maintain reserves as a proxy…..ahhh enough. I can't keep giving away free information. Good review Sven.

  12. wouldn't the miners be the assets that back btc and eth? the hardware is very expensive and integral to the security of the network

  13. I was thinking about taking profits now at almost 50% +. Not sure what to do

  14. Libra is good for the crypto community, it's a stable coin , people can use it as Fiat gateway, Libra business model based on cake bitting (transaction charges). good for facebook investors as well as Crypto investors

  15. I think an important question is "Why use blockchain technology for this kind of payment system?". They would obtain a more performing system with a normal database…

  16. first thanks about all the information.
    second i have 2 question:
    1. I have not been able to understand from you how Facebook can make money from this coin and I will be happy if you explain to me?
    2. You mentioned Instagram, Facebook shows in its reports how many quotas come from InStagram or not?

  17. DEFINITION of Permissioned Blockchains. Permissioned blockchains maintain an access control layer to allow certain actions to be performed only by certain identifiable participants

    Trust them with your data? Trust them with your money?

  18. when i mentioned cryptocurrencies a few months back everyone was telling me how wrong i was. but now that facebook is entering the indsutry all of a sudden it isnt a bad idea to invest in crypto anymore… people are so fake..

  19. 50bn revenue on 500bn transaction Volume seems way to high for me. If it is that expensive to use libra( via calibra) it is set up to fail.

  20. I don't get it. Combined revenues of MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal is less than $50 billion. Why would people replace credit cards/paypal with Libra unless the cost of using it is much lower?

  21. Keep up the great work Sven! You're the man!


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