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  1. BTC (Timestamps. Like this to the top if Krown doesn't pin it)
    9:40 Stream Start (If you hate great intros)
    11:08 Blue Box Territories / Ascending Triangle
    14:21 Krown's Trade Transparency / Risk management level $11700
    15:08 Daily Stochs/
    18:24 Weekly
    21:45 2-hr 200sma/377ema
    25:04 Expected Moves
    31:19 3-day Timeframe
    32:55 4-hr Timeframe
    33:20 ATH?/3-month Timeframe
    37:29 Potential Bearish Considerations
    26:10 DGB
    27:11 BTC Dominance Chart
    28:18 58:30 ETH
    48:39 LINK/BTC
    49:26 54:08 QTUM
    56:50 SPY
    1:02:44 LMT
    1:04:21 OSTK
    1:06:10 AMD
    1:11:04 DOGE
    1:48:43 XLI
    1:58:01 SE
    1:59:49 TLRY
    2:01:47 BCH
    2:02:57 MJ
    2:03:34 LINK/USD
    Krown's Story Time
    44:15 Krown's Cookie Storytime (Didgerido Fart story)
    43:30 "How do I find a trading strategy that fits my personality?"
    51:08 Invest in Education (Krown's Trading Experience)
    1:24:30 Krown's life story sharing

    2:03:58 Rippity Rap Up

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  5. Do not forget the CRPT Crypterium. Closed partnership with Binance Chain! The moon is coming soon.

  6. I like the Krown's Crypto Motivational talk!

  7. I 5x my acct thanks man

  8. Ty!

  9. 44:36 so funny, I can't stop laughing.

  10. cheers for this mate, So I guess your trendlines are racist too besides The Jewel lol

  11. Thanks for always doing these bro. If you are ever in Australia I will host you in Sydney, I shoot a lot of crypto events, but I can take you to some awesome beaches etc 🙂

  12. Hey Krown ! Happy days for all thanks again for all your work I just finished your TA course ready to trade now my man. Your intro is so good I actually watched it twice just to see all the details. Much love.

  13. Eric Krown your parents should be proud I am not sure what they would think about you describing candles as dildos but ,you are a lovely fellow and your videos are fabulous Thanks Eric

  14. Good day. I am new here. I came from Ivan on Tech collaboration. Ivan said Krown shows all his positions which is very cool. Krown sounds like someone that knows a ton about markets. I would love to copy his positions for now and learn more slowly by watching his videos. But can someone please explain to me his positions? at what price is he buying and what price is he selling. His positions page looks like a mystery for a noob like me for now.

    thank you

  15. 🚀🚀🚀

  16. AWESOME intro….what

  17. Fuck man you remind me of my old roommate, he was my favorit buddy to trip on Acid & Shrooms. Maybe some day bro 😀 Keep being hilarious!


  19. Which EMA,SMA combo indicator do you use? The one I use is annoying and has more options than I need. Thanks

  20. Did I miss something haven't been on lately, you don't live with Elsa anymore? Where did you move to now ?

  21. The evolution of Krowns intro is something truely magnificent

  22. Sucks to be fresh outta high school with little chance to build capital for this opportunity. Either way you're killing it Krown love your daily vids!


  24. fuck, krown, that part about discipline and the people who get stuff the easier way is pure gold. wish u the best

  25. Volume with ur intro failed!! (On replay)

  26. Dude don't make yr intro when high cos you got me going out to get mushrooms and dmt to see if there's a secret message 🙃👊

  27. Sir, what stochastic settings do you use please?


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