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Bitcoin Quick – INX Exchange, Miniscript by P Wuille & Bitcoin Guide Sprints

by @ToneVays
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  1. Deleting comments. Not even surprised.

  2. If this INX was backed by ETH followers it would be a big scam but when Scamson Mow and other maxipads do it, they are given the benefit of the doubt. Cognitive Jimmysance lol

  3. Love your shows with Jimmy and the traders you've brought us. Fantastic. Great effort, it really works.

  4. Tone, please write a book on trading.

  5. "ironically i have 6 of those shirts"

  6. Ethereum ppl are cringy full stop. Don't continue the same with dietary shit cult please.

  7. Here you go Tone, your dear friend Jimmy is telling you in kind words that you are ALIENATED, because you beg for regulations. This guy is deaf!! Jimmy is so damn intelligent!
    I like BTC, i like BTC i like freedom… PLEASE PLEASE REGULATIONS PLEASE PLEASE! Please, monopoly of state violence, incurable bureaucrats, give me your regulations and your corruption!!! What an idiot!

  8. Lmao just face it. ETH is secure enough

  9. What makes Tone Vays to be the central figure that "approves" what Block-chain technology is sound or not, who should build what technology solution on what platform???? A YouTuber gone wild!!!
    Who the hell does this dude think he is???? Satoshi Nakamoto? or is it because he bought thousands Bitcoin for $1.50, makes him an "authority" ? The arrogance smells to high heavens!!!
    An option trader turned "YouTube Technologist",
    I like your charting and cementing on TD "Sequential", that is about it… Get a grip, dude.

  10. What is the purpose of blockchain tech – does Eth or any other Alt solve this problem?

  11. Bitcoin maximilists on ETH 🙂

  12. Thanks Tone and Jimmy!! Tone, please allow downloads of your vids. I seldom have time to watch them until I get home. I have to download or watch vids for later viewing. I can't do that with your channel, WHICH IS MY FAVORITE. Cheers Bro and thanks guys!

  13. 4 days in an ivory tower


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