Keiser Report Bitcoin: Ultimate Safe Haven? (E1405)

In this episode of the Keiser Report from San Francisco, Max and Stacy discuss bitcoin as the ultimate safe haven in the days of central bank madness. They also discuss the conspiracy theory turned conspiracy fact as Merrill Lynch admits to manipulating precious metals markets with spoof trading. In the[…]

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XRP News: Visa & Western Union *Global Adoption!*

This is what global adoption of a new technology looks like ladies and gentlemen. I hope you too realize the scale of “BILLIONS OF USERS” when compared to the XRP Ledger’s current 1.6 million users.. Do you see why YOU are the new ‘1%’ yet? Just be patient my friends.[…]

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HUGE NEWS for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency???

HUGE NEWS for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency? 😱 BRAND NEW UDEMY COURSE – Find out my Biggest Investment ever: NEW BITDEGREE COURSE: Want to attend my talk on Monday 18th June? Buy a ticket at and use the code ‘SUPPOMAN’ NEW BITDEGREE COURSE: NEW NO1 ICO COURSE: NEW ICO 2018 COURSE![…]

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Revue de marché Bitcoin et Alt Coins 15 Août 2019

Revue de marché Crypto-Monnaies 15 Août 2019, Bitcoin et Alts Coins, BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Binance Coin BNB, BCH ABC Bitcoin Cash, NEO. notre site de news, tuto, analyses de l’écosystème crypto et blockchain Divers indicateurs sont utilisés, RSI, volume profile, retracement de Fibonacci, moyenne mobile standard et exponentielle.[…]

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I Just Went All In! #Bitcoin

Bitcoin just broke down to a 44% correction. I just made the move. What about you? Follow us on Twitter: Planting Bitcoin Sound Money The New Medici Bank Is About to Take On Its First Crypto Clients *********************************************************************** 🏺Support The Channel!!🏺 Protect and store your crypto with a Ledger Nano:[…]

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