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Crypto trading course – the Revolution Free lecture Pips and Points

Crypto trading course – the revolution is a course launched by EA Forex Academy and the complete course is available on this link:

The free lecture is called Pips and Points, and it teaches the difference in those two.

The Crypto trading course is being updated since this time as all the other courses from Petko Aleksandrov, the Head trader and mentor at the Academy.

With this course you will receive 12 Expert Advisors for trading the Bitcoin, the Ethereum, and the Ripple. No programming skills are needed, because the Experts are ready for trading. Also, they will be updated at all times, according to the market conditions. Once you enroll to the crypto trading course, you will receive lifetime licence and you will receive all updated versions.

In this lecture you will learn what is the difference in the pips and points when you are doing crypto trading and when you are trading Forex. And yes, there is a huge difference.

You will learn exactly what the difference is and how the crypto trading is measured. Also, you will receive a presentation attached to this lecture in the course, which will help you understand better the difference between pips and points in crypto trading..

The crypto trading brokers normally provide different quotes, spreads, swaps, and sometimes different point measure for the cryptocurrencies which might confuse the beginner traders.

Petko Aleksandrov, explains clearly how you can recognize the pips and points, and the dollars, because the price normally is measure in dollars when it comes to crypto trading.

The Crypto trading course – the Revolution is a fantastic choice if you are looking to expand your knowledge in algorithmic trading. You will see the whole process that Petko follows while creating the strategies,  selecting and filtering. 

You will learn to use a professional software EA Studio, that helps the trader to automated the crypto trading strategies without programming skills. Coding is time consuming, and if you have 100s of strategies, as Petko uses, it will take months for the developer to automate them as Expert Advisors.

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