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Part 2: BlockFi,, Celsius, Bitrue, Nexo – Celsius Increases USD Rate AGAIN


BlockFi Compounded Interest:

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Future of Tokenomics:



  1. I was also using the compounding trick on celsius, but they've actually stopped that now. Look up the compounding section in the help center and you see the article. Basically when you withdraw the full balance, you earning balance goes negative proportional to the interest earned.
    Their example is if you have 1 BTC that earns 0.1 BTC in interest, you have new a balance of 1.1 BTC. Withdraw 1.1 BTC and your earning balance goes to -0.1 BTC meaning that if you deposit the 1.1 BTC back in you only earn on the 1 BTC again.

    It sucks. Compounding is king!

  2. Also do you have the option to earn in CEL? I'm in the US and shortly after the CEL launch, the CEL earning feature was disabled for the US for legal reasons according to an email announcement.

  3. Great informative video. I did enjoy that platform. I'll have to check it out more. Thanks.


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