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In the very first episode of Crypto Quiver we check out the best cryptocurrency news app, CryptoPanic. In the crazy world of cryptocurrency there’s a lot going on and it doesn’t sleep. That’s why it’s wise to get yourself setup with a routine and system that trims the fats and cancels out some of the noise that can interrupt your day.

CryptoPanic is a cryptocurrency news aggregator platform indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s definitely worth checking out over at

The site is great if you prefer sitting at your laptop or PC when it comes to consuming crypto news. But for those on the go, they also have iOS and Android apps. The project is built and supported by an independent developer who has created a whole swag of cool projects. Make sure you go to the About Us section on the site to check him out and take a look at some of his other work.

According to the app, here are a few hints for making CryptoPanic work for you:

– Follow currencies and customise your feed
– Search or click on a currency and you can view individual feed
– On the web app, you can use the up/down arrow keys to navigate through the stories
– You can open the link in a new window for any story you’ve ‘arrowed’ to by pressing ENTER
– The news feed reloads automatically as new content becomes available

One really important feature is making the most of filtering your cryptocurrency news feeds and also sorting them in a useful way. In terms of the different filters, you may find the below handy:

Top News = News site + Top Reddit & Twitter
Following = All news for the currencies you are following

After you’ve got your news fix, join me on HODLcast where I talk crypto for the average joe. You can find me over at


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