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Bitcoin Gentle Fork, When Is AltSeason?, Bitcoin Outperforms & Possessing twenty five,000 BTC

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  1. Tim Williams has made me understand that cryptocurrency trading is not a gamble but rather a business that should be handled by only trading expert.

  2. Here we go

  3. Bitcoin has no chance of being a leading global currency other than a "store of value". It's insane people are still batting on about this like it's the future.

  4. On that note the bank of Santander issued a 20 million dollar bond on ethereum. However, Santander is partnered with Ripple/XRP.

  5. Love you good sir you are a very smart man. However, I must say that when you said there is no news for other coins other then a fork. This is not true. There is more news about XRP/Ripple partnering with more banks and institutions every day. 2 a week to be exact. Not to mention they have themselves fully intertwined with the elite. Yes the price hasn’t spiked yet, but something far greater then we know is happening behind the scenes. I will continue to watch because you are smarter then most about the space. Wish you the best of the best. #cryptonaires

  6. people seem to forget how valuable even 1/10th of a bitcoin is. no matter the price.

  7. when you go on the ramble, keep going it doesn't bother us well me it doesnt

  8. The person that cares if he buys bitcoin on 8000 instead of 7900 will not be the person holding at 100 000.

    He will sell way before, and buy higher than his sell, resulting in less satoshis.

  9. Innovate on bitcoin ❤️

  10. Digibyte!!!!!!!

  11. VERTCOIN is NEXT !!

  12. You heard it here first and EVERYONE save a few will call BS but BTC will fork onto the Cardano blockchain to keep it alive when it becomes necessary!!!

  13. I’m curious of what TMI thinks of MakerDAO? Worth holding or getting rid of? I like the Maker project. I like Decred also.

  14. 7:11 Whooh, almost hit OmiseGo there. That would have been hilarious.

  15. the altcoin things seems a bit extreme to me. XRP is king and will rise. Alts with genuine utility and revenue will follow

  16. McAfee. Heh. Grand he's rich and infamous, but if he was really being chased he'd have been caught by now, what happened to his hard wallet he launched recently. A dex exchange? I'll steer clear.

  17. "I'm rambling on again. Is it lack of sleep? Meh, I had enough sleep." – TMI

  18. How about microcap season… Datarius Cryptobank (DTRC) is getting ready!!

  19. Sooo Bitcoin will have the capacity for private transactions soon (in the next couple of years)? I got into crypto because I don't feel that big brother needs to know or have the capacity to control everything about my finances. If Bitcoin will have this capacity within the next few years its value has gone up significantly in my eyes.

  20. There may not be an alt season but there will be a XRP season!

  21. 17:07 Cardano xD

  22. Timing the market takes too much work. Of course people are making money doing it, but it's not worth my time. I simply buy every week, up or down, rain or shine. Dollar Cost Averaging works for me. I'll catch some of the down, and enjoy all of the high. No plans to sell until the US Dollar collapses entirely, meaning 1BTC = $1M USD. Just buy, y'all. Just buy.


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