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Bitcoin Should Do THIS Just one Detail! March 2019 Price Predictions, Information & Trade Analysis

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  1. Timestamps! Please let me know that you use them and want me to keep posting them by hitting the like or making a small donation, thanks!
    01:55, Bitcoin
    19:59, CME
    25:29, GBTC
    28:43, longs and shorts
    34:25, NVT signal
    36:39, Ethereum
    40:32, Litecoin
    44:05, Dollar value of mined coins
    45:33, BNB
    46:51, Zcash
    47:00, Bitcoin Cash
    47:35, Tron
    48:38, Neo
    49:00, EOS
    49:32, XRP
    51:10, Stellar Lumens
    51:59, SPY
    54:35, EUR-USD
    55:42, wrapping up with Bitcoin

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  3. Thanks for everything you have done and are doing good sir. Your videos going over options have been extremely informative and well laid out, amazing job!! Your live steams are the best, I wish I could catch more of them.

  4. Another day gone, another day closer to 2019/20 Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halvings……..

  5. Who the hell is complaining about you talking about Forex… That's ridiculous =.="

  6. Love the content man! When I get more time to study and practice, I will be getting your course. I've been busy building products, but your content helps me navigate markets, and reasoning about correlation of many indicators. I particularly like how many different signals you consider at the same time.

  7. But you call your channel Krowns Crypto cave .. hints why people are expecting only crypto analysis …

  8. Krown the 10 year yield just fell below 3 year yield. You think bitcoin will do well when we have the upcoming market reset?

  9. thank you very much mate, peace ,)

  10. Hey Bro, any chance you can make a video about basic Forex Trading coming from crypto? like how to calculate pips and shit! lmao? I'm so confused by the terms. also, what are the better pairs to keep an eye on? Also some MT5 basics! 🙂 Thanks bro!

  11. Thanks Krown! You’re the best!

  12. UK regulator = FCA

  13. The reason people might not like ForEx talk is, we don't have access to those markets like we do crypto markets

  14. Could u do a vid on Forex trading? I feel like a kid and my brother is looking at something cool and won't let me see lol. MOM!

  15. your missing forex trades and just smiling it off teaches me a lot about your experience as a trader 😀

  16. Frightening Friday seems viable.. Great video as always, love to see you use that mining chart as well

  17. Krown's Trading Cave lol

  18. Hey Krown when your talking about the out of control forex can you mention the trading pair, I wanna see!

  19. 44:45 This trend seems extremely accurate, however as we see in 2015 it took the better part of a year before it broke out to the upside again, retesting the support line a few times along the way. So while I'd agree that this chart and trend seems long term bullish, I think we're likely to put in at least one more bounce on that support in the coming months, especially considering all the bearish signals on the higher timeframe Stochastics

  20. Hey krown whats the ticker on tradingview for that mirev chart where u call a possible bottom

  21. really enjoying watching your vids, learning so much, thanks krown 🙂

  22. Please can you open the scope to Forex. Like you say the Channel is about trading and, not just about Crypt o!, and I will love to get your input into Forex, I am doing great with Crypt o the last month Studing your course in trading, BUT as you say only one good trade in a week, in Crypt market, and if we can do it in Crypt o, we can do it anywhere, pleas help to get our toes wet in Forex

  23. I see no price action on my TradingView. I see my exponentials and my price label. I’ve restarted my laptop and phone. What. The. Fuck. Anyone? No bars. No bars.

  24. Great content as usual. Have a great weekend😎🤙

  25. Thanks yet again for your superb content. Dont have a position right now, the little knowledge I have has made me cautious – watching your analysis has re-affirmed that for me. I drew a trend line for the past year taking in all the highs on BITMEX (daily chart) and it would appear that we are not far off touching it – it has resulted in a fair sized dump every time. Not sure if you agree – I defer to your better judgement.

  26. Mate, thanks for also talking forex alongside crypto and traditional. I'm keen to trade them all. Have you ever thought about talking Beanie Babies, just to suit my special needs? Those damn things are a bubble. 😉 Thanks man, happy Friday to you.

  27. Great episode once again man. Would love to see even more Forex, how you trade it and so on. im sure many more of us cavians would as well. Allways good to learn something. Wish you the greatest weekend ever😊

  28. how come total crypto market cap showing such increase in volume last couple months

  29. A good sign that a trader knows what he's talking about is when they play devils advocate with themselves as they carry out their analysis & Krown is basically doing this at all times.

  30. Hey Krown… Constructive criticism…

    Your sound is all over the place on your live streams.
    When you turn your head to your other screen or look down, you sound drops to barely audible.
    When you start screaming about "Bad" or something to that effect, the volume jumps way off to the other end of the spectrum…
    I was driving home yesterday with one hand on the volume dial… lol.

    Is there anything that can be done to normalize the volume?

  31. You re little late today Krown lol Watch it everyday like if I was going to the church


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