XRP Stablecoin, Bye Bye Libra, Coinbase Fee Increase & The Increase And Tumble Of ICOs

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  1. 8 A.XRP 2

  2. Libra was a farce. It was big companies getting together to force regulation so they could start using blockchain.

  3. In all truth I was speculative about XRP because of the low prices and that it never rose because of their partnerships. Well over the last few months hearing how the Fed is going to do Fed now in 2020 and they will need Ripple to have control over all Banks and Credit Unions. Hmmm I wonder…

  4. They are raising their fees because they need monies to pay out the interest they are offering for their deposits.

  5. tell us about Corda R3 and what they are doing with the banking business

  6. Bye bye XRP*

  7. The answer is simple. If you can use the coin, consider it. After consideration, if you are interested, then buy it.

  8. ICO's are phenomenal. The bad actors are the blame. Chainlink ran an ICO. They are doing good.

  9. Oh yeah brother again a inspirational video. BTC 50k in 2020 you made me buy more I don't want to miss the train!! And btw XRP 10$ next year march did you see? I'm buying now while it's cheap brother!!

  10. 2019 will be the year everyone will know soon or later that USA ( SEC, BAKKT, etc … ) is manipulating the markets and i only wonder why the hell SEC don't oversee anything is related with the USA ??? The USA like always keeps printing money to control the world, and now that we have the opportunity to be free with crypto without manipulation they are trying to control the markets & people … i just hope one day china and Russia blow up USA especially NSA, CIA … fucking corrupt people that fuck their own kind but they forget about their own family must walk on the streets and one day because the system they build maybe their son or daughter will be killed just because 20 dollars because people are desperate to put food on the table

  11. Yoi come with good info.

  12. paypal and others said no to libra , too much government interference,

  13. Hy , good day , can u talk about BTCXLM , BITCOIN/STELLAR , THEYRE NUMBERS R REALLY HIGH , is it something to consider ?

  14. XRP does not and will never represent the true spirit of crypto and decentralisation.

    Big Don, please tell us something we don’t know but hey we can make money from it.

    Back to square one.

  15. Apollo, U Network, Credit, Wavesbet and Cardano almost zero risk and high reward projects 500x very easy achievable

  16. ..except for that one… 😀

  17. I have an incredible day, greets from Bali! I m on holymoon 😊😊

  18. I can feel it in the air! Can’t wait to do the happy dance with the rest of the community 😃

  19. Good content again

  20. Keep stacking its going to 0 anywhere

    from Insider

  21. I love your unwillingness to shill shitcoins & scams and the inclusion of BSV in that category (at least indirectly). Well done, sir!!

  22. So much good news tmi. But nothing really happening.

  23. Even thou Bitcoin is revolutionary, ground braking, with an ROI of 7000%, yet people still accept 1% from banks. There are so many factors against it going forward. Unless you get the U.S. Government, share traders, banks on board Bitcoin and Crypto won’t go anywhere. They want to keep the old system, that’s how they make money, the old system benefits them, not you, why they don’t like Bitcoin? It benefits you, in their greedy minds, that cannot happen.

  24. Has any XRP longs thought that this new branding of 0DL; Is a DISGUISE so we won’t know if they’re using Xrapid or not… When referring to partnerships with Ripple in future news articles?

  25. XRP has HIV

  26. You changed the Back hahaah

  27. I’ve never bothered to check out Binance DEX, but now that I have everything there looks like absolute junk

  28. Love your channel. Thanks for the up dates. Coinbase sucks. They are nothing but a money hungry, blood sucking company.

  29. Big up boaty mcboat face. 😂

  30. From the 300 Lbs Gorilla in the room.

    Coinbase news is actually a huge deal, Everyone pay attention. This will happen with everything else. We are starting to forget the purpose of why Crypto currencies were created.
    Free to very low fees and free from government intervention. (They are slowly being eroded away)

    Coinbase made it easy and low fees to transfer and purchase crypto and in fact they only charged trade fees on Market orders only, then they started charging for Limit orders and now they are raising the fees again? If my brokerage account was trading crypto I would move my assets in a heartbeat.

  31. Where is Binance US? I looked on Google, and all that shows up is news articles etc.
    Where is the actual website?

  32. Any donation to get me on the xrp wagon will be much appreciated and I’ll subscribe to ur channels and hit the bells

  33. I heard Joe30330 coin is not doing well at all!

  34. One of the best in the crypto biz! 🙏 as always.

  35. Cannot wait for $LTC to overtake BitcoinTrash. 24 Volume for $LTC over $BCH is almost DOUBLE.

  36. XRP is linked to ARXRP.SW.

    XRP is merely the Average Rate Ripple Index. When will you XRP
    🌙 boys start understanding this?

  37. Busy morning but here's a ❤️ just for you!

  38. Do NOT FUD Lofonop Coin! How dare you!?


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