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Hello my name is Scott Powell Co-Founder of XRP Army News. In this newly unfolding Digital World content is King! The people cannot seem to get enough of it. A new breed of content creators are emerging: The Influencers.

I began 8 months ago learning all about a company called Ripple. Honestly, in awe of what David Schwartz started then found Chris Larson and completed the trifecta adding Brad Garlinghouse. Daily gobbling content as a rabid fan I ran across Influencers in the XRP Army. What an incredible wonderful community of committed caring intelligent people sharing with me everything Ripple and XRP!

I have ended up spending about 3 hours a day reading tweets and watching videos by XRP Army Influencers. Being a part of seeing the emergence of the greatest digital asset ever created becoming a reality has been my magnificent obsession! I did find I had one problem finding the content I craved in one well organized convenient place.

If one wills it, it is no dream so I shared my problem with my Partners Rick Scherer and Christopher Knight! XRP Army News was born! No longer would I spend hours searching for my XRP content fix. The solution was to put all the favorite XRP Army Influencers in one place and have the content updated hourly. Problem solved.

Started with 12 XRP Army Influencers and built a Progressive Web App to compliment the website. Now fans of the XRP Army Influencers can get push notifications about the latest and greatest news on the web about Ripple and XRP. News about the upcoming Documentary Cryptonaire by Brad Kimes and Dustin Planholt will also be showcased and updated consistently.

Here are the XRP Army Influencers the site has now, more to come:

The Digital Asset Investor, Brad Kimes, Dustin Planholt, Alex Cobb, To The Lifeboats, Jungle Inc, The Bearable Bull, Crypto Eri, Kevin Cage, Dustybc, The Working Money Channel, Love For Crypto, Moon Lambo.

Find their videos and tweets in one centralized convenient place! No words can express the gratitude felt for the XRP Army Influencers! Keep the content coming and together we will share it with the world.
Look for our podcasts starting soon!
Add our PWA to all your devices, push notifications coming!

Live long and HODL! XRP TO THE MOON!


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