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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP BNB NEO LINK ZRX Technical Analysis Chart 11/6/2019 by

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  1. Recorded 1:50 PM Eastern

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  3. Do you use tradingview as your trading platform? If not what do you use?

  4. What about BCH(abc), its kind of leading the way up for alts. Could you add it to next video?

  5. What is your method/tool for tracking and journaling your trades where you can go back and easily identify patterns like you mentioned? I use a custom Excel spreadsheet, but it is quite a lot of work to maintain and I find myself not really going back and looking at my history as much as I thought I would. Considering automating more of it to give me a dashboard of feedback that auto populates based on my entry parameters.

  6. I have the best trading plan for cryptocurrencies. It's easy pull all your money out and go trade forex

  7. Thank you 💝

  8. Grab a look @ADA Cardano as well Dan , its breaking bull racing n usdt and btc .. testnet hype ?

  9. insider trading! Dan is traveling! BUY IT ALL!!!

  10. Hi Dan, why do you always use only lagging indicators? I have watched a few of your videos, and so far I understand that your strategy is based on moving averages higher/lower highs and lows and RSI levels.
    Is that way effective? I never hear you talking about bullish divergence or any kind of market configuration.

    Also take a look at the BCH/USD weekly chart, the MACD is about to paint green (up) and the lines are crossing, could be a good long entry point.
    Cheers mate, thanks!

  11. Hey dan check out EOS/USDT on binance, i know you only trade on coinbase but it's cool to see a big cap alt with a weekly bull trend change could be an early sign of whats to come for the rest of em right? 😀

  12. Nice music at the end!

  13. Thank you so much for your updates Dan!

  14. Enyone knowe’s a good course were i can get a degree as a pro stock trader in the netherlands

  15. Thank You, Dan


  17. Hello Dan, from Italy, Thank You !


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