Bitcoin Whale Bull Run, Ethereum Ice Age, Bitcoin Surge Coming & Crypto Is Not Real Money

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  2. Tbh I loved the prices for the last couple of months, only the surge in july with libra was a bit
    Annoying. Got caught in that hype 😂

  3. Beter buy BEAM

  4. Can't find "the rich are leaving us behind"… Where can I find this?

  5. I just feel bitcoin will crash just like any other stock or worse in the next up coming recession. People are gonna cash out just like they will with stocks when times get hard. No one wants something so volatile in a time of a recession people will want something safer like gold. Not that I have anything against bitcoin but just can't seem to convince myself to invest in it.

  6. Great Video! I think it is a coming together of a better more wholesome collective consciousness!

  7. Assuming the regulators aren’t with and a part of the manipulators is a mistake!

  8. i cant find this article! 🙁

  9. It really bothers me when people refer to the market as some living entity, especially TA people. Don't these people realize TA means nothing, until manipulation stops.

  10. Never appologise for your passion! ✊

  11. You are spot on that nothing has moved or improved since 2016. Just more coins doing nothing and that's it. Lightning is there but it doesn't look like it's going to do the job we need. Instead we can use bitcoin as gold storage and Litecoin as actual purchasing currency.

  12. Please all buy your bitcoin now and thank me later,

  13. ADA and ETH are terrible projects, why is it taking people so long to figure this out?? Dan Larimer from EOS said two years ago why ETH wouldn't be able to move forward, he was right. "its like changing a engine while it's running" virtually impossible…

  14. You should make more videos this long bro🥕

  15. 55:50 preach

  16. Great Show…

  17. Buddy, the organisation’s name that you forgot is FATF – the Financial Action Task Force

  18. when will ripple burn xrp like xlm??

  19. Time to get your XRP off exchanges and safely in wallets.

  20. That was a mighty fine rant, my good Sir 🙂

  21. Of course it's manipulated, Please for the love of God. REPEAT AFTER ME! CRYPTO IS AN UNREGULATED MARKET! Therefore all these exchanges see your orders, They see your sells, your stop losses your Limit buy orders and they will trade against you. They will cancel your orders. Believe it because it happens on so called reputable brokerage accounts.


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