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Cryptocurrency in Pakistan & India | How to Trade | Legal!? | Facts

I’m Hassan Nasir Bhatti and in this video, I’m gonna talk about What is Cryptocurrency and what is Bitcoin. Is Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin legal in Pakistan or India and how to buy it from here through your paper or Bank money. Making money online by trading in cryptocurrency or through Network Marketing is really very easy if you learn it.
I know Internet is full of these scams, the guys who are selling you garbage coins instead of top currency to get their revenue grow. Or in some cases people say that they’ll give you bitcoin or whatever the coin but they take the money and give you nothing. BEWARE OF THAT SCAM PEOPLE and always research about a coin or currency before you buy it and get a dealer who is trusted or have good public feedback.
Buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin or any cryptocurrency from their website, any exchange (e:g. is also easy if you do it yourself. That decreases the chances of fraud or scam in buying coins or any currency. Simply you can buy with Dollar USD or Euro EUR or some cases PKR or IND evens works if you choose good dealer or Exchange.
Further, I’m gonna talk about how these things works and All about Bitcoin and reasons that why bitcoin is really popular. Should you buy it!? Watch the Video to learn more. If your language is English, then you can turn on the Subtitles.

I’m saying it again, don’t lose your money or being scammed. If you need any assistance or help or wanna buy coins or wanna do some trading, you can follow me on Instagram and ping me when you need!


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