Travala &, Brazilian Cryptocurrency Trade, Ryan Taylor, Kenn Bosak & Michael Nye

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Sprint Network Developments:
🚩 01:08 Sprint Core Team CEO: Sprint Eyeing Block Propagation Procedures from Bitcoin Scaling

🚩 01:fifty three Ryan Taylor: Sprint Backporting Bitcoin, Rejects Lightning, Segwit, Exchange-By-Price

Sprint Integrations:
🚩 02:33 Travala and Husband or wife Incorporating 28 Million Vacation Listings for Sprint Users

🚩 03:25 PagCripto Brazilian Cryptocurrency Trade and Payment Processor Integrates Sprint –

Sprint Media:
🚩 04:12 Ryan Taylor: Governance Isn’t Significant Until finally It’s the Most Significant Thing –
🚩 05:04 New Book By Sprint Nigeria Offers A Beginner’s Crash Course on Cryptocurrency and Sprint –
🚩 05:forty three Can You Survive on Cryptocurrency Alone? Joël Valenzuela on Lions of Liberty –
🚩 06:eleven Sprint Podcast 133 – Superior on Crypto with Kenn Bosak –

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