How To Buy Altcoins With Bittrex & Poloniex

Just A Quick Overview Of How You Can Buy Altcoins On Bittrex & Poloniex.

Also A Couple Picks of My Penny Cryptocurrency Coins Which I Believe Are Undervalued And Have Potential To Do Great In The Future.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts And How I Can Help You Make It Easier To Invest In Cryptocurrency.


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  1. Hi Ronan, please can you do a video on "how to start out with cryptocurrencies and stocks"

    I am a forex trader however I know basically nothing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or stocks for that matter.

    How do you get started with cryptocurrencies? Do i need bitcoin before i look into other cryptocurrencies?

    So my request is basically for a "starting out on cryptocurrencies" video. Thanks


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