Bill to Exempt Crypto Transactions from Taxes Returns to US Congress

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  1. If we (crypto holders) were smart we would be pushing for the Fair Tax plan. As a whole we would not really pay more taxes but it would simplify taxes for everyone & businesses also. Too many people make too much money setting up at the flea markets every weekend, mowing lawns, waiting tables, etc and never show their true tax liability.

  2. CM99, Any word yet about your meeting with the individual you were going to speak with about setting up a tax corp. in Wyoming? Thanks for all your information.

  3. Thanks for the video.

  4. Sounds like progress! Encouraging.

  5. thank you for short informative videos….

  6. There should be zero tax. Here we go falling into the same old trap…

  7. Hi Crypto Mentor, I enjoy your videos very much. I think for adoption sake they should definitely eliminate taxes on small purchases. Make hassle free and easy to spend.

  8. Do it the common-sense way. Just tax it when you exchange it for Fiat. easy peasey


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