Monero (XMR) Selling price Predictions & News: $4000/XMR Before long?!

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Intro & What is Monero? :00 – one:50

Monero news: one:fifty one – three:thirteen

Selling price data and my XMR rate analyses: three:fourteen – nine:21

Crypto sector update & outro: nine:22 – eleven:01


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  1. Monero (XMR) Price Prediction- How Monero Will Fare In 2020?

  2. …six months later…$45

  3. Buying here at 40,25€ after a 50% decline since this vid came up

  4. 'cryptocurrency logic' = pulling stuff out of your ass?:)

    fatwa regulation perhaps pushes privacy coins off all the exchanges

  5. Monero (XMR) Price Prediction

  6. I predict 1 Monero = 6 million USD in 2020

  7. Now the NWO (UN) have setup an international task force to force kyc on everything, XMR is going to explode….

  8. I LOVE XMR Indeed thanks For The Video 🙂

  9. Who knows i like Monero for what it is but not one i would invest heavy in long term very risky however i do mine it in the background just incase.

  10. Here is one of my latest videos about Zcash & Dash, being two other major privacy -focused coins in the cryptocurrency space. Much of the information about these cryptos, particularly from a regulation perspective, applies to Monero.

    I am no longer as optimistic about Monero but still hope it does well, just like various cryptos.

  11. I want what he's smoking. The devs have driven this coin into the ground with all the forks. And RandomX is a debacle. When they go to SHA-256 their descent into just another sh!tcoin will be complete. XMR as fractions of a penny by 2022.

  12. XMR could really blow up! good one to HODL

  13. What are your price predictions and timeframes for each one? Will Monero end up being the main privacy coin of the future? Any feedback about the features or news listed in this video?

    Feel free to share your thoughts below. 🙂


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