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Bitcoin PUMP! Bakkt Savior!? No Fools! Wall St+BTC=REKT

Bitcoin is surging and searching like it could crack 8k quickly! Bakkt volume explodes to ATH & the media/influencers of the house are drooling over this. Bullish sentiment is using over & the institutional gamers & whales have the retail crowd right where they want them. Longing on leveraged platforms like BitMex, Bybit & more. The extensive squeeze will come & Bitcoin to 6k is just right close to the corner. Really do not believe that me? Just look at!

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  2. joehomokay

    Love this! Keep up the good work. We need this pure of a voice in this space.

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  5. decosunflower
    Apreciate your work

  6. romakgarcia
    Keep it up Chico!

  7. 888 likes vs 88 dislikes 🙂 I gave you a like 😉

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  9. funontheride BTC 32QmWPKLkEaeM4eLdHcxJ68iBFt1t1fzKX

    Congratulations on your Channel. Probably the Best about Crypto all over the World 🙂

    Thank You, we learn a lot of things thanks to you and your team

  10. thomasdemooiboy

    Eth: 0x12029690A44a2dCCcD642d3FE824edd9E9113410

    Keep on the great work man!

  11. Got some tabs open … it's like a slideshow up there also I watch all these youtubers about btc news and so far this one and (That Martin guy) have some quality content

  12. Whats going on with your telegram canal?
    A lot of ref to sen ETH for getting "giveaway" … It looks like its posted by you, and your logo is on them.
    (dont let your follower be scammed)

  13. chico still has his cojones intact, compared to the rest of the bankster chilling BTC cryptotubers

  14. $80 bux an ounce!!! Fuk BTC 😀

  15. Just as expected, bitcoin has reached and completed its dip, corrected and back on an upward trend but then, besides the stiff resistance, there are still stiffer resistance to be met once it’s broken. This is a great chance to buy in at the current level for those who do not hold already. One piece of advice though, finding a working trading system and implementing it is even more profitable than just blindly holding bitcoins. Anyone who has used Barry Goddard’s trade alerts can attest to this having helped a lot of beginner and even more experienced traders turn in more profit and build bigger portfolios from little. I started receiving his signals after a free training session recently and in such a short time turned in over 5 btc in profit. He is really that good and more people have to be aware of his services. He can be reached on Whatsapp: +31 635250566 for all assistance related to cryptocurrency trading.

  16. you calling other people stupid now man?

  17. Charles Hoskins wants to fight you, you defiantly don’t have the stones tho. Should do a pay per view

  18. LMAO……you say shit about people shilling bybit, and YOU shill a betting platform!!!! and shill shit coins that you don't even understand, You are getting people to buy into exit scam shit coins, DUDE you are sick!!!!! by the way you sounded like a nervous little bitch when you shill that betting sign, dont throw stones in a glass house!!!

  19. hey chico, maybe you can put some info about enigma secret nodes & staking in future, will be nice. do you will use omnistake for enigma?

  20. 🐑 : panic and run away! On the other hand, 🐺 and 🦁 are always hungry for more and hunting! Manipulation is the name of the game, and the same thing happened with stocks such has Amazon and others.Those who accumulated while others ran away and sold are the wealthiest: March 2020 will be 🎆👑

  21. Say something about Bitcoin SV

  22. alejandroortega63

  23. I been saying this for a while bro. happy to see you on the same page. they can rig bitcoin now. wall street was a BAD move …

  24. yaladreips102

  25. Say it like it is! You're right on the money. Keep paying attention to the details. I appreciate your interest and destiny. I appreciate you have nothing but love for you.

  26. Moon is an idiot!!! I cant stand him. Call 'em out, Tyler. Moon tells people to long or short AFTER the move has been made, when theres little reward and lots of risk. These guys are just degenerate gamblers hangin out with James at the water cooler, not traders, as one of my favorite youtube analysts would say. 99% of these guys are idiots.

  27. Yo …. quit dissin my boys ….I grew up since June listening the the gang … don’t forget the mm guy as well as divinci fake numbers after the name ….of your ever in the Toronto area and have it your hair let’s hang out …. I live within walking distance of waterloo campus and everyone on the sidewalks is wearing a google t shirt or f book or code is law , or cats …. plus a noodle house in every plaza and fresh bubbles made each day for our bubble tea that we have between sushi or ramen days … keep up the great work … don’t loose any more moon boy friends …. they will learn sometime and I hope you still are teaching when they finally get their chance to see that all we have seen is backside government and institutional pressure not to mention the war for the dollar that the world has waited for since 1964 …. oh and while I’m listening to your channel “on brave” I’m searching for FPGA chatter …. cats are cute shards are better brothers from another mother can still be brothers and I just left an argument about Fibonacci shapes with a mathematician and a biologist …. and they agreed to disagree when the the scientific person looked at the artist and said that intelligent people will argue all the time …. then I realized that he was argumentative based on his definition of intelligence …. now I know why he was arguing and why. I knew I had to stop …. I’ll have more Chico quality things to say in person or anything offline … I promise … fan time over , hit the lights thanks for the love !

  28. WAIT… did you seriously just trash on DATA DASH? that kid is smarter than you by 1000 times! you just looked sooo fucking stupid you ass hole! i take back my last statement i just posted 5 minutes ago about how i have always hated you but youre growing on me… im back to hating you now cause youre a fucking ASS CLOWN… you seriously make yourself look so gay and stupid when you bash on other you tubers (except for crypto zombie… youre right, he def does NOT KNOW WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT) but there is a reason that DD and TMI have well over 100K subs…. CAUSE THEY DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! YOURE JUST A JEALOUS FUCK CAUSE YOU WILL NEVER HAVE OVER 100K….EVER!! YOU HIPPY STONER FUCK DUM WIT

  29. i used to hate on you hard core… now not so much… youre growing on me chico

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  31. 6:46 hate that guy

  32. What if you ready have an account from last promotion? And want to participate

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