XRP News Siam Bank brings 16Million New person to Ripple major Bull Run 2020 for XRP

XRp News Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has discovered that its mobile app, SCB Straightforward, now takes advantage of Ripple’s blockchain know-how. The app, which was very first released in November 2017, provides reduced-price, cross-border payment functionality to six million shoppers and is accessible to Siam Bank’s 16 million shoppers.



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  3. Fake statements

  4. =] HODL Fam !

  5. Xrp is bs
    Ripple is the one
    Two different things
    SCB bank it’s not using XRP .

  6. Brexit is out of the way. Get ready.

  7. Another a*****e is bearable bull and moon lambo channel. They are agents of company who are being paid for the channel to create rumors. So that new investor's should fell in trap. All these channels must be banned asap.

  8. You XRP folk really need to stop counting your chickens before they hatch and also crypto chicken eggs do not hatch like normal chicken eggs because they do not follow time like that and you people can keep saying XRP will moon it will oneday happen but really its starting to look dumb how you XRP folk have been saying the same crap for the past 2 years.

  9. You do not have another work?
    Xrp allways dumping.
    But you make fake news.

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