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PAYEER + BTC : How buy BITCOIN in Payeer

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A rapid tutorial about utilizing PAyeer with Bitcoin. In this video I talk about the adhering to:
►How to get your Bitcoin Wallet Deal with in Payeer
►How to buy Bitcoin in Payeer
►How to mail Bitcoin to a further wallet

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  3. how can i transfer my bitcoin wallet's bitcoin to payeer ??

  4. payeer is fucking bullshit. Cost 10 dollars to send bitcoin. fuck that shit. fucking thieves

  5. very good explanation video to open an account with Payeer do you have to have a company? can't you open an account with personnel?

  6. Payeer has become very important since you can buy bitcoin.

  7. Thanx a lot man. That was very helpful👌🏻

  8. How to add sir please ?

  9. I am having some funds in my payeer account sent by Bitcoin company. How to withdraw them?

  10. Nice teaching

  11. Can i use drivers licens to verify my kyc on payer?

  12. wow was just 728 jejejee , seems you have lot of btc ..

  13. i am watching this video when Bitcoin is at 9K lol

  14. 1 btc lol woow


  16. very nic

  17. Is the payeer card still working to withdraw bitcoin funds from ATM machines?

  18. Payeer is the worst service ever ! I registered because I thought that their service will be faster and cheaper than the bank but at the end, my account took forever for verification, I send my ID, my social security number as proof of address. It never works, they keep telling me that they don't accept edited photo although I never edited my picture. Then I send some money, it took forever again and they keep asking me things my bank doesn't even ask me when I make a payment ! It is supposed to be better than the bank but my final conclusion Payeer is the work financial service I ever experienced in my life ! I cancelled my account with them ! It's a complete waste of time ! run away from them, they are unrespectful and don't care about the customers. ❗ 😡 😡 😡

  19. Thanks simple tutorial and benefitable

  20. Man, i have 0.005 bitcoins in my account and i can't transfer to my private wallet!
    Why is that? Please respond, i have hundreds and hundreds of followers here that wait an answer.

  21. even late it helps alot


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