Live: Bitcoin & Ethereum Not a Protection [Everyday Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Information] – six/fourteen/2018

Live: Everyday Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Information – six/fourteen/2018 –

Bitcoin and Ethereum declared not to be a stability by the SEC. Let’s have a dwell ama when again, anything at all goes!

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  1. Nice video

  2. PUMP PUMP PUMP> It is a scam

  3. Voting for new cryto on Binance just started today. FSN is on the roster be sure to vote!

  4. I like some of your thinkings but cost average buyin means never stop buying again and again in case the market drops on mid long term ,and I always been a holder but this was becoming ridiculous and I was not going to put more and more fiat as I already put a lot,so one week ago I decided to sell everything unless some fresh ICO like Qurarkchain or coins like EOS coz of their AirDrop system ,but since one week I saved 2000$ that I will be able to invest once we will go deeper.
    Bearish people make you upset but the market psychology works that way,when everybody has a bearish sentiment it just induce bear comportment and one of the first thing you learn on market is to follow the trend.Anyway volumes are so down,bulls are waiting,I don’t see a big pump unless we really go down.
    I’m a believer in blockchain technology but it doesn’t mean I’m willing to see my folio dropping without doing anything,the amount I lost by selling is nothing important,coz I saved money to invest when the times will come,so bearish doesn’t mean pessimistic,it can mean objective vision.
    Gl to everybody

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  6. Hello George, I was quite disturbed listening to a debate with Richard Heart ?

  7. Stop hating on the warriors bro… It's over.. #BackToBack


  9. All those bears with their videos just want to buy cheap. On the long end they will loose because people do not take them serious anymore.

  10. They didn’t cancel DragonBall Super FYI

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  12. The crypto index fund that caters to ordinary investors is Crypto20 and it’s been live for a while!! I’m glad I got in at the ICO

  13. Did you just shit yourself @ 20:40?

  14. Cryptocurrency is not for the faint in heart.

  15. Bought Btc and eth again !!

  16. The main problem w EOS is: They are been collecting all year Ether only, and they are holding only Ether at this moment no EOS (big big red flag!!) If the project dosen't work for any reason…….this will be worst then Bitconnect….. only they will benefit by holding Ether, and ether will go up!! Why will they only hold ether until now? and not Eos? they know what's coming…..

  17. Looks like they are going after that specific age group with Shattner. (Who are generally uneducated or against crypto) Interesting .

  18. Ethereum much stronger now. ?

  19. One of the smartest and most genuine crypto YouTubers.

  20. Make a screenshot of my comment! Odyssey will make the biggest growth indicator this year! Buy them while there is yet time! Who is the bum, for you there is a free airdrop

  21. Hello George!


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