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Plenty of prospects for Canadian crypto platforms if state potential customers on regulation: Coinsquare CEO

Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare, joins BNN Bloomberg to weigh in on the crypto system regulatory framework proposed by Canadian regulators. He also offers his outlook for the cryptocurrency area.

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  4. Bitcoin has provided greater returns since 2015 than Berkshire Hathaway since 1995, even after falling from 2017 ATH!

    Ethereum has provided greater returns since 2015 than the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1980, even after falling from 2017 ATH!

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    Additionally, JP Morgan had the nerve to call Bitcoin a fraud & Warren Buffett & others push that narrative, but in reality if you look at the fines JP Morgan or Wells Fargo, which Berkshire Hathaway is the largest shareholder, you'd notice that these two companies alone have been convicted of not only fraud, but bribery & market manipulation on a GRAND scale, so grand that they've been doing it for decades paying mere fines.

    Below is a list of Jp Morgan's fines & Wells Fargo.

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  6. Decentralized platforms will allow people to transact and interact without middlemen acting as monitor, censor, editor and gatekeeper. Blockchain tech provides a mechanism for people to have control over their own currencies, identity, data and cyber freedom instead of being at the mercy of the establishment's interests. It will revolutionize the way our societies communicate and be a catalyst for new technological expansion.


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