Is CRYPTO still a thing?

Is CRYPTO still a thing?
Why Facebook Wants Control of Your Money: Libra Coin:

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In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How did Bitcoin get so big?
Why did Bicoin suddenly collapse?
What happened with Bitcoin since it launched?
What about Bitcoin as a form of payment?
Can i use Bitcoin as a form of payment?
Who accepts Bitcoin?
What stores accept Bitcoin as payment?
Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?
Where can I spend my bitcoin?
Does Starbucks accept Bitcoin?
What stores accept Cryptocurrency as payment?
Does Amazon accept Cryptocurrency?
Where can I spend my Cryptocurrency?
Does Starbucks accept Cryptocurrency?
Can you buy a house with Bitcoin?
Can Bitcoin be taxed?
What’s stopping companies from accepting bitcoin?
Can i use Cryptocurrency in Online Gambling?
What does the future hold for bitcoin?
Are Bitcoins a good investment?
Is Cryptocurrency legal?
Is Cryptocurrency still a thing?
Is Cryptocurrency worth investing in 2020?
Is crypto Dead 2020?
Is Cryptocurrency still a good investment?
Will crypto ever recover 2019?
Will Bitcoin ever die?
Why is Bitcoin a good thing?
What will Bitcoins be worth in 2020?
Will Crypto go back up?
Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin?
Will Bitcoin make me rich?
What should I invest in 2020?
How does a block chain work?
What is Blockchain in simple words?
What is Blockchain good for?
What is block chain for dummies?
Will crypto ever recover 2019?
How many Bitcoins are left?
What is Cryptocurrency simple words?
What does Cryptocurrency mean?
How do you get Cryptocurrency?
What is Cryptocurrency and why is it important?
Should you buy bitcoin?
Is bitcoin a good investment?
When is the next bitcoin correction?
Will bitcoin reach 50,000 usd?
Should I buy ethereum?
Where do you buy bitcoin?
Should you buy Ethereum?
Is Ethereum a good investment?
Should you buy Litecoin?
Is Litecoin a good investment?
Are Bitcoins legal?
How many Bitcoins are left?

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  1. Hello Aluxers! Do you think one day crypto will totally replace traditional currencies?

    Mind Mastery:
    Get a free audiobook thanks to Audible:
    Thanks to our friends at Audible!
    Why Facebook Wants Control of Your Money: Libra Coin:

  2. I have better idea for video; Is Fiat currency still a thing?

  3. Just bought 100,000 DENT for 5 USDT

  4. Overall I'm pretty much optimistic & staying here as blockchain is inevitable in near future . Thanks for the video👍

  5. no it's not.

  6. The separation of money and state will have an even bigger impact for human freedom than the separation of church and state.

  7. Most people are in it for the money..get rich quick scheme stuff… but, not me… I really do believe in crypto. And if you don't invest in crypto as a long term investment me you will lose money due to it's high volatility. Also, It might take a while before crypto catches on… but, crypto is defiantly the future. Even if it doesn't replace fiat money completely.

  8. Unfortunately crypto is still a thing. 99.99% of them are scams and will go to zero. I’m sticking with BSV.

  9. Crypto should be the first step towards a total decentralized world.

  10. buy XRP thank me later

  11. Summary… 1 companies are adopting bitcoin more and more… 2 forget ever from being a millionaire from crypto in the future.

  12. I’m sure there were proponents of the bow and arrow till they got shot with a gun.

  13. Please make a video of 15 best books to learn about cryptocurruncy and blockchain technology🙏🙏🙏♥️


  15. Buy Bitcoin…you were advised

  16. These people won't be rich.

    Enjoy the rides, HODLers.

  17. If btc miner rewards are declining (halving), btc could collapse. There are other more interesting projects out there. Give it another 10yrs. Only a handful will be ever used.

  18. The recent decade in crypto has been volatile and speculative. It showed however that in order for a cryptocurrency to work it needs to have a use case, it can’t rely on speculation alone. XRP and Ve-Chain are both projects who integrate in the current economic system and enhance it in a big way. (Not financial advise do your own research!)

  19. yes, it will

  20. Yeah I lost money just like everything else I invest late and get screwed.

  21. Long live crypto

  22. Xrp zero doupt

  23. Good video however, Bitcoin isn't actually anonymous. It is an open ledger than can be monitored by anyone globally so it is easier to track than fiat currency/cash.

  24. I saw XRP right in the middle of BTC, Eth & LTC. Don't know if it was a coincidence or if it was a subliminal message implying its bridge capabilities. Good video

  25. Why humans need money? Everyithing is free. money come for frea for great idea or product.

  26. I sure hope it takes over the current monetary system.

  27. It still is! All in SC and CENNZ 😊

  28. What this video did not give attention to is the ethereum-based DeFi movement, which would be HUGE (!) Banks charges people say anything from 9-35% interest for loans while giving savers only around 2% per year. DeFi can pay 8% annual interest year on year which would be massive for most people who don't invest but only save. You can retire handsomely if you started in your 20s and retired at 65! People should definitely look into it! 🙂

  29. Zero talk of XRP yikes

  30. Before I even watch the video: ummmm. duh, now more than ever.

  31. Just buy Bitcoin. 1M usd by 2024/5.

  32. So, yes. I will certainly chime in, here. Will crypto replace fiat? Not anytime soon. It has a lot of technical hurdles to go through. The United States Federal Reserve is way too invested into fiat, to just have it go away. Even though crypto is not backed by fiat, at some point, you can cash it out, and turn it into paper money. If fiat went away, how can we say that XYZ amount of crypto is worth XYZ amount of dollars? Those dollars need some form of representation. Time will tell, if course. But fiat has way too long of an infrastructural backing to be replaced, anytime soon.

  33. This could have been better researched. Please go to the crypto forums with your script before publishing.

    Particularly, the part about Facebook's coin. It's actually called Libra, not worldcoin. And it isn't pegged to just the US dollar. It's pegged to many currencies and some commodities

  34. It wil be a sure winner.

  35. how will alux hide from taxes then?

  36. Sooo Good to see a video About crypto From your channel 🙏🙏🔥

  37. Bitcoin is here to replace gold while other cryptocurrencies replace other fiat currencies.


  39. As long as there’s an underworld, bitcoin is forever


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