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Roger Ver Talks About The Financial Crisis, Govts, & Crypto – Features

Watch Roger’s fireside chat on the economic and political effects of the current crisis, why “price is a form of communication”, and the situation of cryptocurrencies during the crisis.

All credits go to Rice Crypto:

04:15 – Did the virus just pop the bubble prior to the upcoming financial crisis?
09:34 – Inflation of Yen
12:01 – Do you see the potential of hyperinflation that will hit the USD?
14:15 – Rice on his vision and thoughts about the virus
17:55 – Roger’s thoughts on the virus: Trust or naivety, self-isolation, and violence
21:33 – Thoughts about money printing
23:50 – Will we run out of food and other everyday goods from the lack of the market?
26:21 – Roger: “Price is a form of communication”
26:47 – Why price change is good for the market
31:48 – Panic buying when prices are high
34:22 – Do you see cryptocurrencies acting as a safe haven during the crisis?
36:19 – Using Bitcoin as a store of value
39:07 – Do you see other cryptocurrencies as a safe haven asset?
40:33 – Book recommendation
41:55 – Get free BCH from

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