Bitcoin Crashing Hard | It's DEFINITELY Happening! | Big Dump Incoming! Buy Altcoins Now!!!

Bitcoin is crashing hard!! It’s DEFINITELY happening! Big dump incoming! Buy altcoins, now!!! You have been 100% warned…

Oh my god guys!!

You will not believe what is happenin right now… even I, cannot believe that which I am witnessing with the eyes of the internet!

Bitcoin is crashing, to ground level… again.

But, this time it feels different… as if we are nearing the end of a cycle.

This crash is too fast and vicious, to be ignored.

Be careful, or you may end up holding bags… FOREVER.

We could be witnessing the total collapse of bitcoin.

Yes, that’s right… THE FLIPPENING is upon us!

Soon, bitcoin will probably be replaced by another cryptocurrency.

Do not make the mistake, of thinking that this time it will happen just like countless times before, like some deja-vu of sorts.

Can you feel it? Yes, this time it is different.

Forces are working, to cause the total collapse of the bitcoin, as I record this message.

You’ve been warned…

This is no longer a game.

Wake the hell up, sheeple… the wolves are coming!

The charts are covered in red… soon, the hands will be shaken and the market will collapse.

Get out, now.

You will not receive another warning…



  1. I will enjoy watching you bitcoin purists getting rekt by the illuminati shadow government. You have been warned, and yet you really don't seem to want to listen. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA… this is just turning out to be too interesting for my taste. What's that? Aw.. getting your fee fees hurt? Bitcoin will literally be replaced by another gubmint backed coin. You know it's true. It is inevitable.

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  3. Cashless society. Every transaction can be traced. Next the RFID chip and hey presto, the new world order's dream currency implemented with the blessing of the people.

  4. I enjoyed your channel so much. I 'll follow u because I agree with u in many points. By the way, could you tell me the name of the music used in this video?


  5. Today 5700, relax

  6. The crash won't hit until 8k-12k mark. Then they will dump it for Ethereum, which is backed (controlled) by banks. You also got to realize that this crash could be a pump; drain the value and buy it up at it cheapest possible to prop it back up and repeat. "The best time to buy is when there is blood in the streets." -JP Morgan

  7. Thank you

  8. But I heard its sky rocketing
    not crashing


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