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  1. Nice

  2. Happy Bitcoin halving.
    We are now in the 3rd term of btc trading. If I may refer it in terms. We are going to witness all the violent movements in this four years and surely we need to make money out of them. If history of BTC could repeat it self, I am anticipating btc price to reach all time high of $25000 to $30000 by December 2021.

  3. I fully agree with you Richard. Altcointrader is an amazing platform for beginner traders, hence why i refer everyone who would like to invest and trade crypto to your exchange. Keep up the good work. 💁🏻‍♂️🚀

  4. Tell us mora about the Ozow instant payment on the next video. Why it?

  5. Is it possible to exchange funds from Altcointrader account to any Bank in the World in the future now that you have solve the issue of bank delays with the ozow platform

  6. Morning Sir. Can you please make a video showing us how to use the ozow platform .

  7. ,


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