Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 4/15/2020

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My Living Leverage Trading Tutorial

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My goal is to bring the world to crypto investing as the transfer of wealth happening right now is real and the opportunities are abundant.Some will perform well, others will not. Crypto is a high risk endeavor to never be taken lightly. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always consult with your licensed financial advisor and or tax accountant.

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  2. Nice job.. bitcoin and crytocurrency is a good investment.. bitcoin has always been my source of wealth ever since i started trading with Mrs. Joan Reynolds..

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  4. Stay strong. Bitcoin wins in the long term.

  5. Bitcoin is not pumping because the whales just lost a shitload of money in the stock market.

  6. Liked the intro😉

  7. show David Willcock he know all

  8. Hello,can you help me to buy bitcoin? I am new to this…I am from Romania

  9. Crow what’s happening captain? We are going to pull though bro!!!💯 I have been thinking about getting in my car taking a driver up to Wyoming it has a lot of interesting things going on including our boy Charles and the number one soon to be crypto CARDANO!! Be safe see you on the next one!!👍💯

  10. Very cool intro. Your should have him cut your hair outside

  11. At the end of the day, we all reap what we sow..Vote in greedy politicians, ignore the few sensible ones. Allow companies to pay executives ungodly amounts of money and don't regulate them to save any Dollars. They then need to be bailed out (bill to ordinary tax payer) or go bankrupt (hurts all investors big and small and other businesses which Are owed money)
    The top one percent have perfected how to socialise their losses but at the same time teach how bad socialism is.What an evil racket..To be honest, anything which could help ordinary people and all sensible regulation is painted as socialism..Perhaps need to listen to business leaders who can actually run efficient profitable businesses .In crypto,perhaps the business records of Mike N and Alex M can be compared for example

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