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I lost $1,000 on a crypto scam… – Cloud Token 2.0 Exit Scam

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Well, I got scammed by Cloud Token, and lost $1,000! So, I’m on the brink of being homeless, and my wife is about to leave me…Just Kidding! However, they have just scammed 100k+ people out of cryptocurrency.

Cloud Token is a “decentralized” wallet platform that claims to give users 6-12% return on investment through a crypto robo trader called JARVIS AI. They include a large multi level marketing referral program, with some pretty crazy incentives (see video).

Tips to avoid crypto scams:
1) If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
– There are not free lunches!
2) Search reliable sources
– If there is no info, it’s likely not legit. News sources would definitely report on something that actually gives you 6-12% ROI each month.
3) Don’t be impulsive!
– Take your time. Learn about the platform before investing.

CTO has only 5 transactions on etherscan:
Also…the White Paper (read section 09):

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WeBull (2nd free stock upon $100 deposit, no strings attached!):

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