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$100k bitcoin next year: why 2021 will shatter all records – OKCoin CEO

Bitcoin is becoming ‘digital gold’ and there is a case to be made for the recent price surge to continue to $100,000 by 2021, says Hong Fang, CEO of OKCoin, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

Fang argues that should bitcoin catch up to even 25% of gold’s global market capitalization of $9 trillion, that figure would amount to a price range for BTC of $80,000 to $100,000.

0:00 – Case for $100,000 bitcoin
3:33 – The path to higher price
7:05 – Gold vs. bitcoin correlation
9:00 – Bitcoin and gold comparison
12:09 – Asset allocation
15:44 – Government and crypto
18:50 – OkCoin
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  3. respect to you guys , getting on guests like this , very open minded

  4. Donkeys have a 6000 year history of transport. No longer.
    Gold has a 2700 year history of money.
    Bitcoin is replacing gold as a store of value. There will always be a niche for donkeys and gold though.

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  10. She makes total sense. Nice video..

  11. This lady is the first one who explained bitcoin so simple and clearly so I finally started to understand it😂. Thanks for this great interview.

  12. Is it a store of value or wild a$$ ride?

  13. Well said Hong …. knowledgable and well articulate

  14. the host guy – Lol, he looks like he is being wanted….

  15. It doesn't explain the difference between bitcoin and other cypercurrencies. Currencies are backed by a country's sovereignty, what is backing up BT or anything others?

  16. the only thing fueling the rally is Paypal and Square accepting BTX

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  20. Bitcoin is the standard of value for crypto users, we are in a tug of war with standard dollars were they are falling in value compared to a bitcoin. There is no end to the worthlessness of a dollar to crypto 1million, a billion, trillions infinity worthlessness.


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