Crypto Crash | Certain Coins Down Over 30% | Time to BUY or SELL? | Daily Market Recap | NOV 26 2020

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Daily consolidation started as I mentioned in my previous video from yesterday. Double top at 19500 resistance 300 dollars from all time high. Is now a good time to buy the dip? Good long term investment? Trade reviews of XRP Ripple and LINK Chainlink hourly and 4 hour over sold conditions. Bitcoin and alts hit 4 hours oversold. Cryptocurrency crash coverage Nov 25th and 26th 2020. Stock market closed in the us but Canadian markets were opened today. Brief stock market review. Daily market recap and technical analysis for Thursday November 26th 2020.

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  2. I have discovered something with CRYPTO.COM they are liying…
    I wantto sell xrp i cheked the price was 0.54$ when i press to sell says 0.52$ i wentoutto the chart i checked it and says 0.546 i want to sell says 0.534$ …

  3. Check out my call out video from yesterday… You were warned!


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