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SBI VC Exchange Launch, Satoshi Symbol, Top Crypto Rankings, XRP Apps & Fed Rate Cut

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  1. It translates into… XRP is number 1..thats the future.. And what the BTC Maxis cant handle, wont accept is that BTC is as much a 'banker coin' as XRP is.. Proof? Deriviatives… That ended it for BTC.. So man up rveryone.. The bankers are here and they are in control of Cryptosphere #endgame

  2. what's up with that cryptovest website having sidebar articles about 4k BTC dated April 15th ?! Seems like a totally irrelevant news source (or at least veeeery outdated)

  3. Thanks i love your economic insights aswel, very nice .. thank you !

  4. Which crypto do you make out with TMI? Lol

  5. So China ranking the crypto’s made in China higher than the industry standard ( what a coincidence ) yet The informational booklets they are using to educate their people on why they should use bitcoin and its benefits.

    I would not trust anything that China says it’s not exactly like their government has a reputation for honesty and keeping promises

  6. Hey TMI – Re your comments regarding the "SBI news on only 1 Crypto News Outlet"…..It was actually on "Crypto Markets News" several days ago"….thats the main site I use to get my news….other than you of course ;-)….I do see very regular "Ripple" news on said site…might be worth a look?

  7. Great podcast!
    I try do similar podcasts to you, would be amazing to do a collaboration one day!

  8. So todays price
    0.0001000099 per s
    If someone offered another option to purchase in volumes of s
    There would be hell of alot that more people can feel better.

  9. Developers are leaving ETH and moving to EOS. Also, most eos block producers are in China.

  10. Another great video Modern Investor, but please talk faster.

  11. Seriously just can't imagine people on the day-to-day using the word "Satoshi" in reference to the currency they use. Names shouldn't mean a lot, but they do, and Satoshi doesn't ring all that well. On the contrary "Ether" does. Not arguing for ETH, but just an example haha.

  12. BTC is still king. All coins move up and down with BTC movement. Eventually this cycle will have to break and if I had to put money down on what alt coin would do that it would be XRP.

  13. BTC at 10k makes it easy to value thing in Sats. 10k sats is $1.

  14. OSTK with that slick bullish manipulation tactic. Shorts will need to buy those new shares.

  15. Hellooo evAry badie…imma da rambling rambler. I hope evARY badie is having a wonderfullt great day a wherever you are bc I know I am with my glass of boxed wine and imma gonna get started with sum rambling rambles for ya and today you getz a bonus of an extra 10-15 minutes of ramble. sooo enjoy and seeess uuuu's…. lol

  16. G R E E N Price$ LTC Halving almost here : )

  17. But i am not to poor to learn!!!!
    … ❤️❤️❤️🤔

  18. I have learn now.. . I am to poor to invest today..

  19. The ripple hiding news thing is like EOS. Nobody is talking about EOS despite being the top 10 coin

  20. Why do you insist on mentioning BTC in $ terms?

  21. I like when you messed stuff up, 😉 this makes you human. Don’t stop being human. 👍 another good video. Ccc Uu. 😉😄

  22. So, what's the difference between "Ripple" and XRP? Can someone explain it for me?

  23. XRP would best serve it's purpose as a stable coin. It's a transfer mechanism, not a store of value. $14 billion for XRP's current use case is over valued. Invest in Ripple.. Great tech company. Chris Larson owns 17% of Ripple and 5% of XRP. XRP does not represent Ripples accomplishments.

  24. instead of 1 satoshi = 1 dollar, lets start with 1 satoshi = 1 cent

  25. Stacking Sats == stacking satoshis == buying and holding btc. Nothing more, nothing about pricing stuff in satoshis.

  26. XRP created from thin air. Other coins have to be mine

  27. Why China didn’t pick XRP as one of the top pics is baffling to me.

  28. We need a $atoshi icon. Like for $

  29. On the lightning network, one satoshi can now be subdivided into hundreds of millions of sub-satoshis. So you can now make transactions using fractions of a Satoshi

  30. I don t know why but i hate ripple too.


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