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Why are these 6 Bitcoin Billionaires going ALL IN? #bitcoin #ethereum #BTC crypto news bitcoin live

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In this video, I look at the latest Stock Market News, the recent plunge of Amazon Stock AMZN, and the anniversary of October 19th, with correlations and differences between then and now. This includes todays Robinhood and Tiktok Traders, as well as the latest Social Media Trend. I also show you why I am so bullish on CryptoCurrency, now and years in the future.



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  1. What I want to know is how, exactly, does one buy and sell bitcoin.

  2. Its still going bullish and all I can say is try to trade than just buy and watch. As for me I’m trading with an expert and so far my crypto has been increasing massively.

  3. I have known bitcoin for quite some time now and the price of bitcoin will increase in value real soon. But is always more profitable to trade bitcoin than to buy and keep it to increase in value. I trade my bitcoin with 99% accurate trading signals.

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