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  1. It's a new year and a new beginning for crypto traders and holders alike. Bitcoin closed the year 2020 as the best performing asset in the last decade which is an indicator that it is the future of crypto and it is not a question to ask if it is the right time to trade, but a time to look back at the few days and weeks that preceded and start trading. The crypto market has been a bullish one lately and smart people have been making steady profit while some are being patient. It all depends on the way we have all learnt to trade and the strategy which we follow. As for me, trading has been profitable for me because I use the strategy of Isabell Harpek. Her strategy and guide have been instrumental to my success as a trader. she can be reached via …..Whatsapp, telegram and yahoo mail at +1 (210) 404‑7242 for all crypto related matters.

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